fryingpan vagiscout

frying pan vagiscout (fpvs for short) is a blu scout concept freak made by bodyswapperr


fryingpan vagiscout is a blu vagiscout missing his signature hat and holding a frying pan

Personality and Behaviour

fryingpan vagiscout is always trying find a way too bug somebody and when he does he bangs them with his X10 sound fryingpan

Powers and Abilities

frying pan vagiscout had superspeed and a X10 sound fryingpan

Faults and Weakness

if u ignore fryingpan vagiscout he will FREAK he will keep trying until he gets tired out and then u an simply finish him

goldenfryingpan vagiscout

Download (4)

goldenfryingpan vagiscout is a red vagiscout with a golden frying pan


he is a red vagiscout wielding a golden frying pan and wears a ye olde baker boy


he unlike frypan vagiscout has a X10 power frying pan but he will still try to annoy you

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