Frost Spy
Creator DeltaSkylar201
Creation January 20, 2013 (Concept)
Debut TBA
Type Elemental
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Short-Tempered
Fighting style Variety
Abilities Cryokinesis
Weaknesses Pyrokinesis (Probably)
Status Alive
Occupation Making Ice Statues

Frost Spy is a cryokinetic BLU Spy Freak created by YouTube user DeltaSkylar201 and co-created by Rivfruifv for his first video appearance. He is an advanced form of Icy Spy, created using an entity known as the "Fool's Saxxy."

Appearance and Personality

Frost Spy appears as a BLU Spy equipped with the Dead of Night and the Detective Noir. He can most commonly be seen in Coldfront or Snowy 2Fort.

Frost Spy is generally an easily annoyed individual, and gets especially worked up when people attempt to break his ice statues that he makes on his downtime.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Frost Spy is an ice-elemental, and as such, possesses Cryokinesis: the ability to control ice and snow. He mostly uses it to make ice statues; a common hobby of his. He also uses it as a form of attack. His most used trait is his ability to "phase" through other structures of ice. One of his most notable techniques is "Everfrost", which allows him to freeze even powerful opponents and pyrokinetics. However, he can only use this ability once a week, and parts of his body melts for how long he uses the attack. This melting lasts for a month until it re-freezes.

As of yet, Frost Spy does not have any noted abilities; though it is probable that since he is an ice freak, he can easily be defeated by fire-elementals. Like Icy Spy, Frost Spy is immortal as long as there is ice or snow for him to reform with. Unlike Icy Spy, Frost Spy can move, and can wander outside of cold climates. However, Frost Spy despises tropical or hot climates, for he cannot remain in his icy form for as long as he could when in a colder climate.

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