Freaks for Hire
Headquarters tr_target (Main fortress)

RED Spawn in Mountain Lab (Weapon's Lab).

A RED Spawn in Brimstone (Magical zone)

Leader(s) Tres Bon
Senior Member(s) Demoparrot
Other Members Gran Heavy, Stunman, Hop, Tickles
Affiliation Neutal Good
Purpose Mercenary work. Hunt dangerous Freaks.

The Freaks for Hire (FfH) is a group of 6 RED freelance Freak mercenaries and freak hunters created by FP2P . The group is led by the Spy called Tres Bon . The rest of the team is composed by a Heavy (Gran Heavy), a Demoman (Demoparrot), an Engineer (Hop), a Scout (Stunman) and a Pyro (Tickles). The group's theme song is Meta Knight's Revenge - Kirby Super Star


All the members wear a Merc Medal to identify themselves as members of the team


FfH was founded by Tres Bon and Demoparrot, two lifelong friends, after being rejected from their previous team after discovering their freakish nature. They decided to create a freelance team of Freak mercenaries and freak hunters. The following members were the hyperactive Hop, Gran Heavy and his little brother Stunman, and the mystical clown magician Tickles.


They work as a regular team of mercenaries, even though they are apart of the ``RED vs BLU´´ war. Their most common works are the elimination of powerful and malicious organizations in the Badlands, and the elimination/containment of dangerous Freaks.


Is not easy to explain in what alignment the team is. Because of their mercenary work, they tend to use violence to deal with most of his enemies, and obviously, the money matters to them when doing a mission. However, the Freaks for Hire are not lack of moral, and work for people that they know have good intentions, and they can abandon/attack their employers in case they change their minds about them. Also, FfH can easily join a cause that is worth fighting for without any kind of interest about getting paid. 


  • The members were supposed to be multi-teamed, but the creator decided to make them RED only and use the Merc Medal as a symbol.
  • The FfH concept is inspired by other fictional teams, such as Suicide Squad (DC Comics) and X-Force (Marvel Comics).
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