Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation 3rd July 2014
Type Enhanced human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Cynical, stern
Fighting style short range
Abilities Australium powered suit
Weaknesses Dependant on Australium
No ranged weaponry
Status Active
Occupation Scientist
Superiors CyborScout(Future)
Allies Darryn

Francois is Australium enhanced TF2 Freak created by Youtube user ShermanZAtank.


Francois appears as a medic in a Black uniform with sections glowing orange.


In a dystopian future where Australium corporations have taken control over the world's industries, Francois worked as a Scientist and Australium Engineer (the non-TF2 kind) for one of the corporations. Upon creating a device which could be used to absorb Australium in a manner not seen since the death of CyborMedic several decades earlier, he revealed the device to his corporation, however they decided that the device was too dangerous to allow for continuing development as it would place the Australium enhanced weapons market at risk. The corporation decided to "leak" information about the device and allow the other corporations to assassinate Francois and destroy the device.

Francois was saved for assassination only by a chance encounter with Darryn. After realising that the corporations had turned on him, Francois was effectivly forced to accept Darryn's offer that he join the "New" Australium Guardians. Francois now serves as the groups technician and Australium scientist.

Personality and Behaviour:

Francois is a frank individual who likes to get straight to the point. He rarely involves himself in small talk and likes to keep to himself during his spare time. In combat he is cold and calculating, itent on making as few mistakes as possible while capitalising on his oppenent's.

Powers and Abilities:

Francois uses a suit which can absorb Australium into it's systems for various functions. It has three primary functions.

  • Australium Absorbtion: The suit can directly absorb Australium from other Australium based systems, significantly weakening Australium powered opponents.
  • Ballistic Protection: Australium energy is used to provide buller resistance armour to the user.
  • Energy weapons: Australium energy can be dischraged as an energy blast which does varying amounts of damage depending on the Australium cahrge.

Faults and Weaknesses:

Aside from Australium absorb from other sources, Francois has no other source of Australium and is usually just as vulnerable to damage as any human being. In addition, he lacks any means of ranged combat, leaving him vulnerable to enemy fire.


  • Francois exists in an alternative future universe where Cyborneer, CyborHeavy and most of their friends and enemies are dead.
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