Fly Scout
Creator McBuster
Creation January 25 ,2018
Debut Scout’s Cleaning Adventure part1
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Natural
Attitude Joyful,Carefree
Fighting style Long ranged
Abilities Extreme Flight Speed
Acidic Vomit
Plasma projectiles
Plasma self destruction
Wall climbing
Weaknesses Wings damaged
Blunt trauma
Self destruction
Status Alive
Occupation Infestation
Allies Texas Bacon
The Weirdos
Enemies Bomb Bugle

Fly Scout is a GRN Scout TF2 Freak created by McBuster.

Fly Scout's theme: The Binding of Isaac Antibirth - Catacombs


Fly Scout used to be a Blue Scout who’d always kept taking medicine from his medic until one day his team was assigned to attack grave pit but his team was easily killed by RED team surprisingly knowing where they were heading, then after his medic died & he took experimental drug then was transformed into the monster he is now and started killing the nearby hostile REDs and still taking the drugs making him stronger.


Fly Scout appears as a GRN Scout wearing the Buzz Killer, the Frontier Flyboy and the Legend of Bugfoot.

Personality and Behaviour

Fly Scout is usally High on strong experimental drugs usually laying on the ground watching the sky or looking out the area to relax.

He lots of respect for most kinds of Medics even if they’re are sometimes hostile to him. Him & Texas Bacon have a very close friendship meeting if one’s in danger or death situation the other will appear to save each other.

Fly Scout will happily hang with others if they dont attack him or he'll shoot them with his plasma spilt, and/or vomit on them that’ll melt them due to his acid If they try to harm him or being rude towards him

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: Due to having wings he has the ability to fly in the air and inclosed spaces and is quick when flying he’ll Sometimes crash into people &/or objects
  • Wall Climb: Due to his mutation of a fly he’s also has the ability to wall climb easily making him travel though places with ease if his wings fail or are damaged in a fight or by water
  • Toxic Vomit: Fly Scout does his most of the time and can also use it as his close ranged attack as he inhales air to make him look bloated then he vomits on his victim(s) and their skin will slowly start to melt off
  • Plasma Projectiles: His main meaning of attack he'll shoot out slow moving green glowing balls at his targets blasting though normal humans & robots easily and he likes to fire 3 at a time to make sure the target(s) is killed
  • Plasma Self destruction: This is Fly Scout’s strongest yet dangerous to himself move as he'll spark green before he explodes nearly killing anything in a small blast but it kills him as well & he’ll laugh as to get the last laugh

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Wings Damaged: If his wings have been broken by damages or wet from water it destabilize his flight ability and his extra speed advantage over his opponents & leaving him helpless if he falls
  • Blunt Trauma: His head can take much punishment from blunt objects and will go on a frenzy state attacking friend or foe for a few short moments before passing out from the blunt trauma to the head
  • Self Destruction: If he does use his self destruct ability it will kill him in the process but will also destroy anything around him inside the explosion’s radius


Notable Videos

By the Creator of the Freak

Scout’s Cleaning Adventure part 1 (old appearance/discontinued)

Rotting Fly Scout
Creator McBuster
Creation March 10,2020
Type Undead abomination
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude vengeful
Abilities Virus touch
Toxic spit
Weaknesses Wing damaged
Blunt Trauma
Status Undead
Superiors Dr.Plague(father)
Allies Rubber Texan

Rotting Fly Scout is a undead GRN Scout TF2 Freak created by McBuster

Rotting Fly Scout’s theme: Left 4 Dead 2 O Sweet Death


Rotting Fly Scout used to be a dead GRN Scout before his “father” brought him back to his lab and did experiments on his dead body eventually bring him back to life and then was planned to be a assistance for Dr.Plague to aid him but after turn of events of mercenaries destroying the lab and killing Dr.Plague in front of him.

Soon after he began to hate every mercenary and people innocent or not before he went on his virus killing rampage he injected his “father” with his blood to see if he’ll come back to help him destroy all living thing that had wronged them.


Rotting Fly Scout is a undead Green Tinted GRN Scout wearing the Buzz Killer, the Frontier Flyboy and the Legend of Bugfoot.

Personality and Behaviour

Rotting Fly Scout is Ruthless and cruel experiment of Dr.Plague’s creation doing anything he orders him to do infecting many mercenaries, into green skinned zombie And rarely turning them into minor powerful zombies

He’s caring of his partner Rubber Texas who seems unaffected by his virus and is super caring to his creator Dr.Plague and will fight to the death to protect or revenge his colleagues

Powers & Abilities

  • Virus touch: his touch is very infectious turning Only regular Mercuries in a few seconds, turning them into Green skin zombies and can turn some into minor special zombies that are simi intelligent
  • Toxic Spit: his spit is very toxic capable of melting metal & skin in mere seconds but their very slow and when he breaths in to build up his spit for extra damage, poisoning his human victims as they slowly turn into his green skin zombies
  • Flight: He can still fly despite being undead flying fast to dodge and to catch up to prey and seemingly fast in small rooms or in long hallways making him dangerous in closed buildings
  • Infectious Jabs: When he forces his disjointed fingers to line up it’ll somehow become sharp like a dagger & he’ll go for a quick jab at his target’s neck, back or chest & he’ll choose to or not to infect his victims to turn into his zombies
  • Intangibility: is his most threatening ability as his tactic to make his victims more scared of his unknown power as he can go though walls, floors or ceilings leaving behind a trail of unknown liquid.

Weaknesses & Faults

  • like his alive counterpart if his wings are damaged or covered in water he cannot fly to escape or to dodge future attacks & leave him helpless when needed to get away from falling
  • he’ll suffer blunt trauma more due to being a zombie that could kill him and activate the self destruct mode in his brain to explode him and anyone nearby
  • Somehow Medi-Gun can cure his virus and are like flamethrowers to him making like he’s being burned alive by anyone using any type of medi-gun making him weary of medics


  • Rotting Fly Scout is a alternate reality of Fly Scout and more evil than his alive counterpart

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