Flexile Sentry Pyro
Flexile Sentry Pyro
Creator McBuster
Creation February 8, 2017
Debut Pending
Type Mutant
Alignment Lawful Natural
Attitude Loyal, Aggressive
Fighting style Close to Mid-Range
Abilities Contortionist Flexibility
Dragon Stash
Earth Manipulation
Strong Jaw
Weaknesses Water
Status Alive
Occupation Guardian of Artifacts
Superiors Ancient Pyragon
Subordinates Cultists
Enemies Anyone disrupting

"Ow Dow how Dow"

— Flexile Sentry Pyro killing a RED Scout thief

Flexile Sentry Pyro or (FSP for short) is a Stone-like Pyro TF2 Freak

His Idle theme is Gem Shards from Steven Universe

Attacking theme is Old King Coal from Banjo-Tooie


He granted his freak-ish powers by putting on a cursed Pyromancer's Mask and turning him into stone form the dragon that was locked inside the mask and he's been killing those who are try to steal his artifacts or destroy the statue of his "God"

Appearance and Personality

Flexlie Sentry Pyro appears as a Pyro wearing Pyromancer's Mask, Deus Specs and Tribal Bones he also does not carry any grenades on his chest and he has no air tank on his back and mostly see with his rusty Pickaxe or rarely his axe

He a quiet freak when defending his artifacts from people and he will because very aggressive and kill them when they try to take his artifacts.

Powers and Abilities

  • Contortionist Flexibility: He has a very flexible body making a great dodger in combat
  • Rusty Pickaxe: He can summon his main weapon a large Pickaxe to attack his victims and tear his enemies apart
  • Powerful Jaw: His jaw is strong enough to break bones and eat people in 12 seconds
  • Dragon Stash: he attacks with his fists at close range like how a dragon would
  • Earth manipulation: he can summon and control any thing that are rubble, bolders, rocks, etc.
  • Stone breath: When he does use his breath for long range attacks it can turn normal humans or low rank freaks into rusted like statues
  • Bulwark: His body can turn into stone for defensive counters.
  • When FSP stomps the ground he creates a small earthquake

Faults and Weakness

  • He weak against lighting because it damages him greatly because it goes through his stone body.
  • His earth attacks are breakable if it's been deal with high damage
  • He lacks of any long range attacks
  • If he's in water he can't swim due to being too heavy, water based freaks can ambush or attack him (Heavydile and Sewer Medic)
  • Due to having a dragon's nature he can be lured into traps or ambushes by gold or rare hats


  • Flexlie Sentry Pyro is based off cave dragons and cave lizards
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