Fjord of Cold Front - Freak
Creator UrbanTheProfessional
Creation July 14, 2015 (concept)
Debut Pending
Type Possessed human
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Murderous, territorial, relentless
Fighting style Long to mid-range
Abilities Cryokinesis
Enhanced archery
Inhuman reflexes
Status Alive (and active)
Occupation Territorial killer
Subordinates His "minions"
Enemies Anyone who "trespasses" into Coldfront

Fjord (aka "Fjord of Coldfront") is a BLU Sniper TF2 Freak created by UrbanTheProfessional.


Fjord was originally a normal BLU Sniper who lived with a group of other BLU mercenaries in the Coldfront region (cp_coldfront). One day during a hunting trip, he fell into an abandoned mine shaft. After doing some exploring, the Sniper came across an ancient winter spirit imprisoned by iron chains, with runes etched into the ground.

Upon seeing the Sniper, the winter spirit pleaded for release. It said that it once ruled Coldfront, but some humans defeated and imprisoned it deep underground to steal the frozen lands as their own. Feeling sympathetic, the Sniper freed the spirit. The last thing he saw before a bright light before passing out.

Some time later, the Sniper's fellow BLU mercenaries noticed he had gone missing, only to find said Sniper looking murderous, with a pale and deathlike appearance as if he stood in a blizzard for too long. He declared that Coldfront is now "off-limits" and began killing off his friends one by one.

Those who managed to survive the massacre fled Coldfront, never to come back again. The Sniper, now calling himself "Fjord", has reclaimed Coldfront as his territory. Anyone who enters the region even by accident will pay with their lives.


Fjord appears as a BLU Sniper wearing the Cold Killer, a Villain's Veil, and the Extra Layer. He's usually seen carrying the Huntsman bow with ice-coated arrows (enlarged Spy-cicles).

Personality and Behavior

Fjord used to be a friendly and decent fellow, but after he was possessed by a winter spirit, he became a cruel and territorial Freak with one goal: to keep trespassers out of Coldfront. If someone sets even one foot into the region, Fjord will know, and has been known to pursue his targets with intense and unwavering focus. He does not care if the trespasser(s) belong to a certain team or not, because all of them are dead to him.

Fjord's current personality actually belongs to the winter spirit possessing him. After seeing what the humans and Freaks had done to its former land, the winter spirit was driven mad with grief and rage. It now seeks revenge against those who wronged it and ruined Coldfront in an attempt to "civilize" the region.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cryokinesis -- Fjord has the power to manipulate ice, though his abilities come from his being possessed. Specific demonstrations of his powers are:
    • Freezing -- Fjord can trap his enemies by coating his arrows with ice and shooting them at his targets, slowing them down or freezing them. This ability becomes weaker or stronger depending on the target's current strength, the more this ability hits it's mark, the more likely they are to be frozen in a layer of ice.
    • Ice rain -- Fjord shoots a large, ice-shaped arrow that shatters into several smaller ones, falling down on his opponents like "rain".
    • Icicle summoning -- As the name states, Fjord can summon large icicles to slow down and trap his enemies, or to stab them from various directions.
    • Winter possession -- Fjord creates a large ethereal, transparent arrow made of cold mist which he shoots at his target. Those hit by this arrow will become possessed by the winter spirit's power, with blank eyes and a cold, deathly pallor. Those who belong to different teams other than BLU will also be automatically converted to BLU. (The weaker the target's strength, the stronger the possession chance. Any normal mercenaries (RED or BLU) are easily possessed, any sentient freak type with a mind of their own can be possessed. More powerful freaks can have a window of time to resist the ability's power.)
      • ((Any freaks with very strong telekinetic abilities can mentally fight the possession for a short period of time. If successful, the ability's effects will pass, but if hit once again they will have to fight the possession another time.))
  • Enhanced archery -- Fjord is incredibly skilled with a bow, and can shoot a target from a mile away unaided. This combined with his ice powers makes him a deadly foe.
  • Inhuman reflexes -- Fjord is incredibly acrobatic, and can dodge attacks that would normally be impossible to.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Fjord's relentless and territorial nature can lead him into a trap or a futile conflict with a Freak that's powerful than he is.
  • Although his "minions" tend to be capable fighters, they absolutely will not kill. They can only defeat their target(s) and bring them to Fjord. This can cause serious problems for Fjord himself later on as the victims will be able to either attack and incapacitate him, or escape Coldfront.
  • Since Fjord's "minions" only use their bare hands in a fight, they can be easily defeated.
  • Winter possession takes time to draw back the powerful arrow and it consumes a lot of energy, limiting him to one Winter possession every five minutes. Any freaks with great acrobatics or great speed can still dodge this attack.
  • It is possible to cure Fjord's "minions" by ridding them of the winter spirit's influence with holy fire-based magic, thus robbing him of extra cannon fodder.
  • Fjord can only run as fast as a normal Sniper, so he can be easily outrun by Scouts and/or Freaks possessing superhuman speed.
  • Fjord is weak against Freaks who can control fire and heat.
  • Despite his incredible power, Fjord is still a Sniper possessed by a malign spirit, so he can still take damage just like a normal human would. Also, if said spirit were to be removed from his body, Fjord will be rendered completely powerless.


  • Fjord's name refers to a narrow inlet that is created by glacial erosion, lined with steep sides or cliffs.
    • It is also a word originating from Norwegian, Old Norse, and Scandinavian, with the general meaning referring to above.
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