Firestorm Zealots
Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation 18th july 2016
Type Fanatics
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Fevorous
Fighting style Melee , short range
Abilities Enhanced durability
Incendiary weapons
Weaknesses Lacks ranged attacks, disorganised
Status Active
Occupation Pyromaniacs
Superiors Unknown 
Subordinates Firestorm worshipers

The Firestorm Zealots are fanatical TF2 Freaks created by YouTube user ShermanZAtank.


Firestorm Zealots appear as RED Pyros clad in hoods, some having cybernetic limbs and flame spewing backpacks. 

Personality and Behaviour

Firestorm Zealots are religious fanatics who worship the disaster known as the "Firestorm" which befell the world before the rise of the Australium Corporations. They believe it is their divine duty to burn the world to the ground in the name of their "Fire God". They believe that anyone who succumbs to fire has been blessed and sent to the "Fire God's holy realm". As such they have no other personality than the carry out their cause. They hate anything that is seen to be a threat to either them or fire, including anything related to water.

They are often seen attacking small settlements and towns as these are easy targets, however their lack of organisation and strategy means that failed attacks on major cities occur semi-regularly, usually targeting either an individual who threatens their cause or sources of water, which they believe to threaten the fire they worship.

Powers and Abilities

They can carry a wide variety of weapons which are usually upgraded with some form of incendiary effect, although they do on occasion use standard firearms.

Their religious fervor means they can, through pure force of will, withstand far more punishment than the average human before succumbing to their wounds.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • The Zealots are all mortal beings and can be killed with standard weaponary.
  • They lack an organised structure meaning their decisions on when and where to attack are emotional rather than tactical.


  • While the identity of the "Fire God" is unknown, it is rumoured to be an extremely powerful TF2 Freak that was responsible for the firestorm.
  • Rumor suggests that the Zealots are sometimes manipulated by a mysterious "third-force" group, though the identity of said group is still unknown.
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