Filthyjarmann by servanthalo-dawlkgt
Creator SerHalo
Creation 1/4/17
Debut (Gmod) A Filthy Situation
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Ruthless
Fighting style All range
Abilities Dirtiness Empowerment
Jarate manipulation/Jarate spawning
Jarate laced bushwackas
Weaknesses Cleanliness(decreases abilities)
His head(Weak Spot)
Status Alive(revived)
Occupation Evildoer/Making things dirty
Allies Ping-Ping(Recently)
Enemies Doktor Clean

FilthyJarMann is a YLW sniper TF2 Freak created by YouTube user SerHalo

Appearance and Behaviors

Filthy is a yellow sniper with a jarate for a head and with normal sniper sun shades and sniper hat. Filthy is a ruthless and aggressive freak to come into contact with. He doesn't care about whether someone is in distress and will instead kill them because of him being the bad guy he is. He goes from place to place, making trouble and making everything as dirty as possible.

Powers and Abilities

Similarly to Doktor Clean's cleanliness empowerment, he gains more power from being dirty instead of being clean.

From being mutated and contaminated in a small lake of sewage where likely Friendly Scout and the doctor from Engie's Complex Crisis series emerged out of, Filthy himself was also thrown in by the acts of Ping-Ping. After he emerged from the lake of sewage, he is seen to be in a sort of yellow ÜberCharge state showing is new ability similar to Doktor Clean's super mode. It is possible that he could activate this ability by absorbing another jarete jar. Also very similar to Doktor Clean when he absorbs the Oxi Clean Jar.

Filthy has the power to manipulate and summon jarates at any given moment in time.

Filthy is able to contaminate and make almost anything dirty, in which can be very useful when it comes to regaining power and against Doktor Clean.

His enhanced fitness makes him a really hard nut to crack in battle and can be really great advantage in close combat battles.

FilthyJarMann can pull out bushwackas laced in jarate and since the bushwackas is laced with jarate, all hits are critical.

He is also able to teleport to places from far or short.

  • Jarate laced bushwackas.
  • FilthyJarMann summoning a giant Jarate.

Faults and Weaknesses

More of the opposite of Doktor Clean, cleanliness can make him weaker. For example water or soap can make him weaken in combat etc.

His head is most likely his weak spot and anything that can dent or crack his head can lead filthy into distress and pain depending how great the damage was. If his head were completely destroyed, then he would die instantly.


-FilthyJarMann was specifically made to be a anti version of Doktor Clean.

-Filthy was originally going to be a RED sniper tainted yellow with the a same jarate head.

Notable Videos

By the Creator

-(Gmod) A Filthy Situation

-Doktor Clean meets Trashmonger (Unfinished and with old model)

-A Filthy Redemption/SomeCleanTrash's Chaotic Rescue (Discontinued Series)

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