Author Icy guy2
Genre Action
Original run 2017 - ???
No. of episodes Thirteen
Runtime ???
Protagonist Aqua
Heroes Earl
Villains Prefaldur
Jet (permission needed)
Maya (permission needed)
Others Fratman

Fiends is an upcoming YouTube video series conceptualized by Icy guy2.


The series will chronicle the adventures of Aqua and his sidekick Earl, trying to destroy TF2 Freaks altogether. Although they actively hunt their targeted Freak(s) in various videos, they are occasionally attacked themselves and have to defend their hideout.



  • Aqua - A former BLU Soldier and vigilante, Aqua believes that all TF2 Freaks are chaotic, belligerent beings. When not trying to eradicate TF2 Freaks, he is usually seen managing ammunition or modifying his equipment. He lives in the BLU spawn on ctf_doublecross.
  • Earl - Aqua's sidekick, Earl is introduced early on as a homeless, war-hating Scout who eventually falls under Aqua's wing. He is to be introduced in episode 3.


  • Prefaldur - Fearing that Aqua and Earl may waltz unto koth_sujin and kill him and/or his former team, Prefaldur journeys to ctf_doublcross to end Aqua and Earl before they become a problem.
  • Jet (permission needed) - The founding member of the Tornado Skaters, Jet is a charismatic and helpful individual. He sees Aqua's methods as too extreme. He also fears that Aqua's behavior will cause vigilantes to be hated, which is why he, alongside Maya, goes to fight Aqua and Earl personally. He is to be introduced in episode 5.
  • Maya (permission needed) - A frigokinetic and close friend to Jet, Maya is a notable member of the Tornado Skaters. She is to be introduced in episode 5.
  • Frosty - Tired of mopping the floor with humans and low-ranked Freaks, Frosty wishes for a formidable challenge; and then he spots Aqua and Earl hunting for Freaks one day. He is to be introduced in episode 4.
  • Carry - His Golden Pragmatist version is spotted by Aqua and Earl, and then attacked. He puts up a good fight, but he flies away when he is damaged by Earl's limpet mines. He is to be introduced in episode 6.
  • Ironus - Ironus attacks Aqua and Earl for hurting Golden Pragmatist. He is nearly unbeatable for Aqua and Earl because of his armor, but their agility let them avoid his attacks. They defeat him by tricking him onto a modified teleporter, which sends him to the Grand Canyon. He is to be introduced in episode 7.


  • Fratman - He is seen in episode 7 dancing in the Grand Canyon, much to Ironus' frustration. He is to cameo in episode 7.
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