Fez Corsair
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 08/25/2018(Page created)

05/17/2017(Freak founded)

Debut Coming Soon
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil(Usually)

Chaotic Good

Attitude Aggressive towards enemies
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Inhuman Fitness

Spawning Kebab of Life


Weaknesses Paralyzed by betrayal
Status Alive
Occupation Sultan
Subordinates Fez Army Corps

His personnel bodyguards


Commander Tarboosh

Allies Handzarman

Dr. Cipher

Enemies Beret Terrorist

Regalia Tsar

Fez Corsair is a RED Unmasked Pyro that emerged after he wore an ordinary fez and start his own journey of being a TF2 Freak. He is the leader of both Fez Army Corps and ORA. His idle theme is C&C Generals Soundtrack - Gla Theme 1 while his attack theme is Turkish Military Band and his rage theme is either Turkish Patriotic Song - "Ceddin Deden" . This rage theme are in earrape. He is the main protagonist in Quest of Fez and The Kebab Defenders.


See: Quest of Fez.

Powers and abilities:

Unlike all pyros, he do not acquired pyro-classed weapons but instead, dual-overpowered SMGs and dual scimitars. He is very skilled fighter. He can spawn kebab of life to revive the deceased. A powerful thing Fez Corsair has is "Kebabcharge" which is his rage mode that consist of Honnoji's helm and Chinese armor that resembles medieval Ottoman warrior with red sparks. During in this transformation, he is very indestructible which can protect him even from the biggest rock. In his rage mode, he can spawn all Power Kebabs that consist of anything according to their crits.

  • Dual SMG
  • Dual Scimitars
  • "Kebabcharge"
  • Kebab of Life

Faults and Weaknesses

Though Fez Corsair is a strong being because of his skills and rage form, a long ranged individuals can overpowered Fez Corsair if he is not in kebabcharge mode. Another weakness is a betrayal of his allies(back stab) that made him paralyzed which he's unable to act or giving orders to his army. However, Power kebab cannot spawned by him if he is not in kebabcharge(except for kebab of life) since these kebabs are dangerous.



However, because of Fez Corsair's heroic for revivng the dead with his kebab of life, they either wanted to be his army or no but still consider Fez Corsair is a resurrector of the dead. His bodyguards are 2 suited heavies with Familiar fez and cop glasses. They were once RED and BLU heavies that were harassed by Team Killer. Fez Corsair defeated the killer and 2 heavies wanted to be his bodyguards.


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