Fez Army Corps
Fez Army Logo
Fez Army Corps logo
Military Organization
Headquarters DeGroot Keep (Main fortress/HQ)

Well (Supply stash)

2Fort (Kebab Laboratory)

Leader(s) Fez Corsair (Supreme)

Commander Tarboosh (Immediate)

Senior Member(s) Unknown
Other Members Kebab Wizard


Affiliation Ottoman Empire
Alignment Neutral Good
Active Personnel Outnumber
Reserve Personnel Depends
Branches Fez Jandarma(Fez Gendarmerie)

Fez Asker(Fez Soldiers)

Fez Militanlar(Fez Militants)

Elit Grupları(Elite Groups)

Handzar(Bosnian Elite recruitment)

They were mostly RED Unmasked Spies who served for Fez Corsair. These army was created by TeslaTitanicX. Their battle theme is Plevna March.

Appearances and behaviour:

The Gendarmeries were mostly seen as light BWN Soldiers wearing fezzes that almost similar to Commander Tarboosh, except they do not wear medals and most of them do not appeared with mustache. The soldiers were appeared as RED Unmasked Spies wearing Familiar fezzes, and coats. Their commanders are BLU Unmasked Spies appeared the same. They were mostly armed with assault rifles. Sometimes they even armed with bazookas to take down stronger enemies. The elite ones are RED Enhanced Demomen with fezzes on their heads, equipped with samurai armor with sleeves and Arabian boots. They were armed with a big scimitar and supposedly equipped with a shield but creator's reskin app is unavailable to make Ottoman shield for the elites. There are other classes joining in this organization which are known as Fez Militant.


Mvm rottenburg0001

Fez Jandarmas with 3 main weapons

Fez Army Corps

Fez Army pose with their commander

Mvm rottenburg0000

Fez Militants can be appeared as any different team color wearing own fezzes

Mvm rottenburg0002

Group of Bosnian recruits(Handzars)

Powers and Weaknesses:

They were armed with random weapons, which can easily to defeat all enemies they faced. The elite ones they were well trained, can kill enemies by charging towards them and beheaded them with one strike after charge. Because they were minions, they can be killed by high-ranking freaks.


  • The spies are resemble as Ottoman army in 1826–1858.
  • The enhanced Demomen are resemble as Ottoman army in 1451–1606.
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