One truth become Two. Two become Four

- Felicity high on drugs

She a female spy TF2 Freak created by User Kyuubiman3

Her Theme is Music: Mariska Boss Battle(From Lollipop Chainsaw)

Appearance and Personality

She a GRN female spy with Voodoo Curse Spy Soul and Wields a Three-Rune-Blade and she owns a sitar she talks in drug talk and gives people her drugs called "Nature's Party" she loves everyone who takes her drugs and other drug people (like Crack Cupcake and Undead Stoner Scouts) she becomes aggrieves to those who harm her in any way or stolen her prized Sitar. Her friends call her "A True Mind-Fucker."

Power and Abilities

She cast illusions like cemo or waking up in a middle of no where

she can summon her pets which are giant chicken zombies

she can use smokescreen for quick escapes and ambushes

she can clone her-self in groups of three and help her in her fights

her spells are hallucinations/Mirage to trick her friends and Foes

Sometimes she drugs her victims to kill them in their dreams

Faults and Weakness

She very fragile to strong freaks

fragile for even a spy

very weak to fire due to being covered by plants

she to gullible for her own good

a poor melee fighter

when high she can be ambushed by people


The word "Felicity" meaning "happiness"

she single and looking for a date

her pets come from Cluck-Bot's Chicken Food Shop

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