Not his actual appearance, although the Federal Casemaker is permanent sometimes.
Creator Mimicry Legends
Creation 21st of December, 2016
Debut Pending
Type Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Flamboyant
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Hat Manipulation
Hat Suffocation
Hat Toss
Rain Of Hats
Weaknesses Extremely Blissful
Weak Stamina
Status Alive
Occupation Hat Gifter
Allies Fruit Head
Noble Hatter
Enemies Scottish Sentry
Noble Hatter

Fashionista is a PNK Soldier TF2 Freak created by Steam and Wikia user, Mimicry Legends.

His theme is: Caravan Palace: Wonderland


He has no definate appearance, as he varies his hats from time to time, but his favourite hat is the Federal Casemaker, and often wears it with his other hats, which are also differently painted.

Behaviour and Personality

Not much is known about Fashionista, but of that he often is seen giving hats to F2P's and summoning Unusuals to entertain himself. He is always flamboyant as he has an extreme loving for hats, although he tends to not give Pyrovision Goggles or Ghostly Gibuses. He flames anyone with a desire only to take hats from others, and will proceed to give them hats with poor qualities. Whenever approaching a F2P, he says that their fashion sense has gone A.W.O.L, and will gift the mercenary a hat or Unusual, making both him and the mercenary extremely blissful.

Powers and Abilities

Fashionista has the ability to manipulate and summon hats to his disposal, either for combat or other uses. His only abilities that can kill is his Hat Suffocation, which he summons hats from the victim's neck to head, making the victim suffocate due to lack of oxygen. He can toss his hats with powerful strength, allowing him to give hats from far, but can also supercharge them and together with his immense strength, is able to cripple mid-rank Freaks. When there is a multitude of mercenaries around, Fashionista will summon up a storm, which will rain hats, but if fighting a freak, the hats will have different effects including poison, explosive, fire etc.

Faults and Weaknesses

Fashionista becomes blissful once he gives a hat to a person, which can prove fatal to him if he tries to make friends or give a hat to a freak, if they are hostile. His flambuoyancy makes him stand out completely, and freaks can find him if enough colours are present. His weak stamina disables him from continuing a fight, and a few throws of punches can cripple Fashionista easily. Freaks like Magic Mann can trick him into giving a hat, although he will fight the freak if they trick him.


  • An old idea for the idea of Rain Of Hats for this freak was a monsterous Pyro, who did a star-shaped position and flew across the maps every 4 years, raining hats from his body.
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