Creator Simplenoise8
Creation August 8th 2016
Type Steampowered Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Cold
Fighting style Melee, medium range
Abilities Attack
Endure to convert into steam
Better Durability
Gasoline Shot
Weaknesses Steam eventually runs out
Endure "shield" runs out after multiple attacks
Can't see when shooting gasoline
Status Alive
Occupation Subordinate
Superiors Mine King
Allies Mine King
Enemies Droidneer

"How'd that plan work out for you, dummy?"

Engine, after defeating someone.

Engine is a BWN Engineer freak conceptualized by Simplenoise8.

Appearance and Personality

Engine is a BWN Engineer wearing the Tin-1000, the Iron Fist and the Iron Lung. He is equipped with a pickaxe and a chainsaw. Engine is steampowered, although it can not be seen from the outside.

Engine is a cyborg, he became one after he was severely injured after an explosion. While he still has human feelings and thoughts, he is mostly seen cold and almost rather cruel due to his brain having to be cybernetically enhanced which also made him more of a robot. His body is mostly metal and so he is run by steam, only about 35% of him still has blood in it.

Engine, while mostly cruel and cold, was a very polite person before the explosion and thus he sometimes realizes that he is doing something cruel (if he is) and he slightly panics and stops what cruel thing he is doing.

Powers and Abilities

Due to cybernetical enhancements, Engine is more durable than a regular Engineer, even more than that of 5 Engineerbots. The enhancements also gave him the power to endure certain materials (like steel, coal, fire) and then convert it into steam to make him slightly stronger and also to make him work longer.

He can also shoot gasoline from his goggles, he usually takes out his chainsaw after he has done this. Why he does that is to saw at the ground to create sparks to ignite the gasoline into fire. He also is good at fighting with melee weapons i.e his chainsaw and pickaxe.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Engine is powered by steam, when it runs out he will be much weaker than when he is powered.
  • Even though he can endure certain materials used to attack him, after a while the "shield" will be destroyed temporarily and the attacks will do regular damage again.
  • When he shoots gasoline, he can't see, allowing a fast opponent to dodge and attack him from the side or from behind.
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