Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Interdimensonal anomaly
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Indeterminate
Fighting style Indeterminate
Abilities Indeterminate
Status Active
Enemies Archdemon

Eidolon is a BLK Spy Concept created by Xho who wears a black Rogue's Col Roule and an Ethereal Hood. It is part of the Pavor Nocturnus continuity.


Brought to the universe due to an imbalance of dimensional powers, Eidolon is unmistakably a bizarre and enigmatic entity even onto beings such as Archdemon. No one is particularly certain as to where Eidolon came from or what its intentions are, but many have come to assume that its goal is to bring balance back to the universe once again, whether it is through purely destructive means or other methods.

The Cube, the source of the interdimensional warping, has a unique affiliation and connection with Eidolon, to the point where some believe that Eidolon is the personification, or the manifested consciousness of The Cube and all who have laid their hands upon it.

Personality and Behaviour

Desiring nothing but balance, Eidolon's mannerisms and methods are highly variable. As its primary concern is to realign whatever instabilities have been created out of meddling with The Cube, Eidolon willingly ignores the presence of entities that do not wish it harm or hinders its goals.

However, those that Eidolon may deem harmful are not safe from its wrath, and thus the entity preserves or destroys whatever it deems necessary to take action upon. Eidolon is largely without personality or social skills due to its nature as something not from the mortal world.

Powers and Abilities

Eidolon's peculiar nature has granted it a seemingly infinite array of abilities, though in combat situations, Eidolon adapts its powers to best suit whatever is in its way, and thus presents itself with a huge variety of powers

Eidolon's raw power, that is, the native power it possesses, is the manipulation of spacetime and, more intricately, power over the void. Whilst not excessively powerful in itself, Eidolon's rapid adaptability and learning skills in the mortal world makes it one of the most dangerous presences there.

Faults and Weaknesses

Much like any other being from another dimension, Eidolon is at fault against beings of other dimensions also. Exceptionally powerful entities such as Archdemon are at a degree of power that Eidolon cannot cope with or match despite its efforts to do so. It is also unknown how it would adapt against an entity of similar powers (for instance, Doppelganger from the TF2 Freak World), and may cause some confusion in a paradoxical manner.


  • Eidolon's design was originally an attempt for a costume change for the Mann of Mystery.
  • As a part of the Pavor Nocturnus continuity, Eidolon does not or cannot exist in the TF2 Freak World.
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