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Creator Hellkry
Creation 12.1.15
Debut Pending...
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Primal
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Cloak
Enhanced Stock Feral Abilities
Supernatural Agility
Super Human Cybernetic Strength
Super Human Defense
Super Human Endurance
Weaknesses EMP
Electric Based attacks
Mental Attacks
Extreme Primal Thoughts
Status Active/Roaming
Occupation Cybernetic Feral
Superiors ???
Subordinates Feral
Allies Alpha Feral

Ebony is a BLK Pyro TF2 Monster Created By Youtuber Hellkry

His theme is Welcome to the Horrorshow by Kevin Macleod


Ebony was once a BLK teamed Pyro who had cybernetics made by the Engineer on his team. He wasn't very strong but the cybernetics worked. Ever since then he has always wanted to be stronger, constantly asking the Engineer for more and more upgrades. So the Engineer, annoyed, decided to tell him about Rubrik's project. The project failed, it had transformed him into a cybernetic-feral creature. He is the strongest alpha feral.

Abilities and Powers

As a Feral he has stock Feral abilities, but his strength is increased by his cybernetic parts, he can fatally injure heavies with simple jabs or kicks, or take out a tank with a single punch. With the cybernetics he was given complete cloaking abilities, with that he can hide from stronger freaks. Due to his metal and cybernetic parts he has peak Super Human protection, small arms, large arms and melee are not very effective, only after a long time he can be injured.His claws are very sharp which can cripple a freak's endurance. He has a targeting systems which he can use night-vision through his cybernetics. His cybernetics also enhanced his endurance to the point where he can fight for hours on end.


He is cybernetic so EMP and Electric attacks can put him in a coma-like state. Due to him being a feral he has primal instincts. His vision can be malfunctioned by the previous stated. He can be intruded by psychic attacks. He is heavily affect by primal thoughts, which means he can be outwitted or trapped.


This is Hellkry's First Attempt at a Lightning Bruiser.

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