Creator VictorLinear
Creation 7/11/2018
Type Freak
Alignment None
Fighting style Ranged/Melee
Abilities Soul Empowerment
Weaknesses Weak Minded
Status Active
Occupation Soul hunter
Superiors None
Subordinates None
Allies None
Enemies None

Dusk is a BLK Scout made by Ladron

His theme is


Dusk's backstory is very slim. He doesn't remember anything from his younger age and will do anything to get souls, being able to increase his strength. Dusk also appears not to be affected by any negative effects, being completely focused on collecting souls alone.

Appearance and Personality

Dusk is a BLK Scout that wears Surfer Hair. He wields a normal shotgun that does nothing special. A blue orb he holds draws souls from deceased freaks/mercenary's increasing his power and resistance towards others.

Powers and Abilities

Soul Empowerment: For each soul Dusk collects into his Spirit orb grants him more Strength and Power.

Faults and Weaknesses

Destroying the orb he has will send him away.

Reviving fallen mercenary's who had their soul taken will discharge Dusk's energy.

Dusk is weak minded


  • Although Dusk uses a male Scout model he is genderless.
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