Creator Simplenoise8
Creation August 15th 2016
Type Metahuman
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Serious, Professional
Fighting style Melee
Ranged (rarely)
Abilities Camouflage
Long Jump
Weaknesses Camouflage has blur
Predictable Jumps
Not so skilled at ranged
Status Alive
Occupation Bodyguard
Superiors Mine King
Allies Engine
Mine King
Enemies Droidneer

Dusk is a BLK Sniper freak conceptualized by Simplenoise8. He's one of the three bodyguards of Mine King. He usually works as a sort of spy for him.

Appearance and Personality

Dusk is a BLK Sniper wearing a Dread Hiding Hood, the Sniper's Snipin' Glass, the Marksman's Mohair painted After Eight and the Triggerman's Tacticals. He wields dual Tribalman's Shivs and a Fortified Compound with arrows that when hit can cause disorientation and nausea.

Dusk is a quiet person, he seems very serious and appears to be annoyed at jokers, he usually gets irritated at Melto when he quips with some joke. Dusk doesn't speak much, but when he does it's intimidating and down to earth. He sometimes refers himself as a professional, usually after insulting Melto.

Powers and Abilities

Dusk's main ability is to camouflage himself, it looks like he turns invisible but he simply changes color to match the environment he is in, similar to a chameleon. He uses this usually to attack in a stealthy way, to spy on people or, albeit rarely to flee from a battle. His other ability is to jump amazing lengths, he can use this agility to dodge attacks. He can also walljump very well.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • When he camouflages himself he has a slight blur around him, freaks with great perception can see him and render his camouflage ability useless to use.
  • When jumping around, he usually jumps to the nearest walls, platforms etc. this can make him predictable allowing smarter freaks to get attacks on him when he's trying to dodge.
  • He uses his Fortified Compund rarely, making him not so skilled in ranged fighting.
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