Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Dummkampf undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator Subnauticatracer
Creation June 23 2019 (Concept)
Type Dumbass
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Moronic, Maniacal, Random
Fighting style Spray And Pray
Abilities Water Ghosts

Headshot Resistance


Weaknesses Malformed Hand



Status Alive
Occupation Idiot
Subordinates Water Ghosts (Koder, Erkunden, and Betruger)
Allies Water Ghosts

Dummkampf is a facially deformed, moronic BLU Medic TF2 Freak.

He possesses two Idle themes, though his most common one is Nugget In A Biscuit. His lesser used theme is Goat Simulator's Main Theme.

His battle theme is the Mr. Methane cover of 1812 Overture, fitting for his idiotic status.


Dummkampf appears as a standard BLU Medic, but with a few twists on his design. His mouth and part of his eye is severely malformed, forcing him to wear a respirator in order to properly breath, although he has no problem doing so without said device. Instead of a Medi-gun pack, Dumkampf has a satellite pack to allow his team to monitor and guide him back home after a mission, mostly because of his lack of direction.

His left hand is rather damaged and broken, posed in a position that prevents him from performing certain actions, and he appears to constantly be warping reality behind him. In reality, these are the products of his powers, 3 Water Ghosts, with all but one permanently invisible.

Going through his ear and neck is a sniper wound sustained from a Sydney Sleeper. However, it failed to kill him, the reason being his innate stupidity being caused by his head being 97% bone, 2% fat, and 1% brain.

Dummkampf has been seen sometimes wearing the Otolaryngologist's Mirror, and to a rarer extent the Burly beast.


Completely contradictory to a Medic, who is said to be intelligent yet slightly unhinged, Dummkampf is insanely stupid and very detached from reality. He maintains an oblivious cheery behaviour, Hoo Hoo'ing around various mvm, cp, and ctf maps.

Some may describe Dummkampf as brave and stupidly courageous, but this is mostly due to him being bad at recognizing social cues. To put it simply, he does not have enough brain to recognize when he needs to retreat.

Powers And Abilities


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