Droidneer is a BLU bot Engineer freak conceptualized by Simplenoise8. He is the last of a line of robots created for

Creator Simplenoise8
Creation September 2016
Type Robot
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Helpful
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Flying


Weaknesses Any attacks that can knock him down to the ground

Water attacks Desperate

Status Alive
Occupation Vigilante
Enemies Mine King

Engine Melto Dusk



Droidneer is the only surviving robot of a line of hovering robots designed for war by a large BLU team, the group of robots, called "Hoverneer" were programmed to be extremely capable and effective in battle. However when The Plasma Army declared war with the BLU team, the war went badly for the BLUs, as their every move was countered, the Hoverneers were all exterminated, except for Droidneer who was majorly damaged and went into a hibernation-like mode to try and go through the war without being destroyed. Droidneer survived the war while the BLU team was defeated and all killed. After waking up Droidneer moved around the barren wastes until running into Mutatis' team. They offered to help Droidneer and did so, fixing him up and also after making friends they put a chip in him that gave him a smarter A.I. Soon after Droidneer left, deciding to help anyone in trouble.

Appearance and Personality

Droidneer is the upper body part of a BLU bot Engineer merged with the bomb part of a Sentrybuster.

Droidneer is very caring but can be cold if he's facing a foe that has done very horrible crimes. Otherwise he always wants to help even if people tell him it's not needed. He is quite desperate to help.

Powers and Abilities

Droidneer can hover and fly using his sentrybuster bomb. It can also become electric for close combat situations. His main power is to change his arms into different weapons such as kukris, swords, flamethrowers, RPGs, miniguns, SMGs, mediguns etc. He can also emit a sonic scream to distract enemies.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Any attack that can knock him into the ground (throwing boulders, explosions etc.) can break a battle he is in as he is vulnerable on the ground.
  • Water attacks will cause his system to malfunction which can shut him down, making him practically a punching bag.
  • Since he is so desperate to help he can ruin a plan by joining the mission even if told not to.
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