Dr. totenkopf (wilhelm von Ernst) is a blu medic concept created by Dr. mysterio

Dr. totenkopf
Creator Dr. mysterio
Creation 12/24/18
Type Near-normal
Alignment Lawful evil
Attitude Bright minded,callous
Fighting style long ranged
Abilities Superior intellect

Modified bonesaw

Weaknesses overconfidence
Status Alive
Occupation Scientist and leader of the league of order

His theme:medal of honor: kleveburg


Red who was gaining the upper hand in defeating blu the panicking company officials had Dr.totenkopf (a notorious figure known to torture captured mercs of the opposing side) appointed to create a highly advanced,deadly and capable force to deter the advancing Red team. after several months of extreme meticulous work and careful planning he had presented blu the blitzkrieg Korps Blu had the newly implemented organization dispatched to deal with the Red mercs whom they shockingly defeated in just under a few weeks with some level of difficulty blu eventually triumphed turning the once terrifying assualt force into a cowering mess, as such Dr.totenkopf was praised by his superiors but the medic had plans of his own so in return he had every leader of blu company massecred and proceded to assume absolute control over the blu company and recreating it in his own image to instill a new world order.


He wears the Lab essentials and neuro dreadlocks.

Personality and behavior

Dr. totenkopf is an extremely gifted individual being extremely well versed he takes alot of pride in his abilities which usually causes him to be cocky in both himself and his creations.

Despite his over inflated but gifted mindset he is rather very hard hearted in terms of sympathy as he likes to take joy in causing others to suffer greatly often viewing humans as worthless over emotional wastes of flesh and oxygen that were only meant to serve him and believes the weak should be disposed of once they've outlived their use to him.

Powers and abilities

One of his most obvious traits is that he is extremely and unnaturally smart being skill in various branches of engineering,science and physics this has allowed him to construct numerous contraptions of varying complexities and improbability due to his love for pushing things to their absolute limit while carefully analyzing their results.

He possesses a bone saw that is not only for non combat purposes apparently it can shoot highly concentrated lasers which are powerful enough to cause semi powerful explosions.

Faults and weaknesses

  • His own overconfidence can cloud his mind which makes him prone to making ill thought decisions.
  • He's lacking the endurance and stamina to combat many freaks and as such he needs to keep a considerable distance.


  • His name literally means deaths head in german
  • He is loosely derived from wilhelm strasse from wolfenstein
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