This is Dr. Kritzagule a tf2 freak that uses radiation to power himself up. kind of like a power source, he was a normal medic until October 22, 2018 when an malfunction in a top secret facility occurred and a nuclear warhead was detonated and it's activation would've caused a lot of damage, but he sacrificed himself and absorbed all the radiation from the warhead before it's detonation, but instead of dying he instead attained so much radiation that his body learnt to produce that radiation (but in small quantities as not to over do it). He learns that he is a freak and the location where he lives does not accept freaks in their society so he leaves on a journey to find his place in the world and helps people along the way and gets into trouble quite a few times himself

His weapons of choice depends on the situation so his primary is.

Crossbow/Blutsauger/Syringe Gun



and finally his melee is


Dr. Kritzagule 3
Dr. Kritzagule
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