Dr. Crabyro
Dr. Crabyro
Creator Osmanli Imparatorlugu
Creation 10/13/2018
Debut Debut
Type Infected
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Blood-thirst


Fighting style Short-to-mid range
Abilities Liquid splattershot


Enhanced fitness

Status Unknown
Occupation God-Wannabe freak
Subordinates Crabyroes
Enemies TF2 Freaks

Dr. Crabyro is a 4-legged Dark BLU Pyro created by Osmanli Imparatorlugu. He is the main antagonist in Freak War.


Since the existence of TF2 Freaks in the world, the BLU Pyro lost all of his teammates in the hands of some freaks who attacked his base in the night. The pyro struggled to make a weapon in capable to kill the freaks immediately. He inject a headcrab with a serum contains crab essence mixed with anthrax liquid. The headcrab awakes then attack and infecting the pyro. His scream was heard by 2 freaks outside the lab. he transformation begins with another pairs of legs grew from his back. The 2 freaks broke the door to find out but they were immediately attacked by the infected pyro. He began to kill all remaining freaks that were present in his base. After mission succeeded, he earned a title "Dr. Crabyro" and began to infect all pyros around the world to make a crabyro army so he can wipe out all TF2 Freaks.

Appearances and behavior

Dr. Crabyro appeared with a Dark BLU Pyro wearing War Criminal hat, Civil Pyrotection, Grizzled Veteran and sometimes during his duel with the strongest freaks, he appeared with Death Support Pack. Dr. Crabyro is a blood-thirst being because he seeks revenge on TF2 Freaks for killing his teammates.

Powers and abilities:

Dr. Crabyro is the earliest Crabyro before others were transformed. He uses basic Crabyro powers.

  • Liquid Splattershot - Pincer that shoots a small amount of deadly toxin that can injure the opponent.
  • Strong Pincers - Pincers that can even crush a metal.
  • Hard shell - His body were now indestructible.
  • Legs - Because he have 4 legs, he can climb up the wall.
  • Ubercharge form - Rage form

Some of his abilities doesnt acquired Crabyro powers like:

  • Serum gun - A manmelter that shoots a Crabyro serum that can transform a victim into mutant-like crab.
  • Serum sniper rifle - A mosin nagant with merged crabyro serum jar to targeting then transforming a victim from the distance.
Cp manor event0015

Dr. Crabyro appeared with Death Support Pack challenging Painis Cupcake.

Cp manor event0016

Dr. Crabyro's rage form

Faults and Weaknesses:

However, due to his impatient to rule the world, he can be overwhelm through sneak attack, although he managed to overwhelm the weaker ones. Like all Crabyros, the head is the weak spot.


  • The creator founded this freak since 2016 along with other crabyros
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