Dr. Coffee
Creator n8five484
Creation 15 October 2016
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Hyper
Fighting style Long- to near-range
Abilities Coffee Manipulation
Extreme Insomnia
Hot Coffee Squirters
Weaknesses Chaotic nature
Status Alive
Occupation Coffee Maker
Superiors Kobi-Yoro
Allies Pluribus
Unnamed BLK Spy

Dr. Coffee is a WHT Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user n8five484. He is one of Kobi-Yoro's students along with Pluribus.


He appears as a regular Medic wearing WHT Team uniform with the exception of the Medic's head being replaced with coffee.

Personality and Behaviour

Dr. Coffee has an idiotic mind and nature in him. He acts hyper and energetic in contrast with Kobi-Yoro's other students. He is easily distracted by things around him, even if their minor.

He also acts as a comedian, entertaining people with jokes and pranks. Sometimes he goes overboard with his pranks causing great annoyance to Kobi-Yoro's students and other Squad-G members.

He sometimes described as a "secret weapon" because his nuisance behaviour can be used to torture people, which serves as purposeful in interrogation or other activities.


His origins are unknown and are possibly lost in time, but some events before he joined Fortress Legion that he participated were documented. One event before joining Fortress Legion was that he worked as a coffee maker for an office.

Irritated about his job, he promptly quit the job after his first day and what happened next is unknown. What is known though is that he joined Fortress Legion four years after his work at the office.

Powers and Abilities

As seen by his name, he has the abilities to manipulate coffee, including the drink itself and the beans that are used to create coffee.

As a result of his abilities, he is always insomniac and has an energetic and hyperactive personality within himself, making him able to keep up with an attack.

To attack enemies at long distances, he will always use his Hot Coffee Squirters which will spray hot coffee (any kind) onto his enemies, burning their face.


Hot Coffee Squirters

Faults and Weaknesses

He can easily be distracted making him an easy target to trap and kill. He is also unaware of his surroundings and often doesn't understand that he is under danger.

His Hot Coffee Squirters ineffective to Pyros as their asbestos-lined suits will protect them from high temperatures unless the suits are made of material that is able to conduct heat.

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