Dr. Chemist
Creator Blasteroid
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Brilliant
Abilities Chemical Mainpulation/Boost
Enhanced Intelligence
Chemical Power Assimliation
Weaknesses Vulnerable against tougher attacks
Armored Freaks
just one useless power can make him useless in a tough situation
Status Alive
Occupation Military Field Doctor(Formerly)
Fortress Legion Squad-B Member
Superiors Armadon
Subordinates Cain
Allies Any Fortress Legion's Squads
Good Freaks
Tornado Skaters

Dr. Chemist is a PRL Medic TF2 Freak made by Blasteroid.


Julian Falburght, a brilliant mind who was great in the field of chemistry, he was devoted to further goals of advancing human and TF2 Freak kind evolution. After graduating collage and he went searching for a job. Despite his brilliance, he believed that his role as a scientist was much more needed.

He joined the military and became a field doctor, participating in the wars with his close friends Breaker and Volcanus, Julian alongside Breaker and Volcanus was awarded the medal of honor for their contributions for the war.

When Volcanus and Breaker retired, Julian decided to contribute his intellect to save people by joining Fortress Legion, knowing that another war would break out some times later. He began to recall his former teammates, as they went back into battle to protect both human and Freak kind alike.


Dr.Chemist wears a PRL colored Surgeon's Stahlhelm and Medi-Mask with a BLU bodygroup Emerald Jarate.

Powers and Abilities

Dr.Chemist has the power to manipulate various kinds of chemicals,he can power up himself and his allies with the chemicals,granting him and his allies several power effects such as:boosting their speed,strength,defense and power or heal them,he can also assimilate a random power using the chemicals,but can only use that power for a short period of time.

Faults and Weaknesses

The chance of him getting an useless power can make him vulnerable against any attacks,making him an easy target.Because of his lack of endurance,he would have to use his defense boost,which only gave him the ability to endure low-damage or explosive attacks,but when it comes to heavy attacks it can stun or injure him heavily,armored enemies are invulnerable against his chemicals's effects,allowing them to take hits and take him down.

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