Dr.Pootis Bomb
Creator Peep66
Creation February 28, 2017
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Cocky,Cowardly
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities Mini bombs
Summoning Troops
advance intelligents
Weaknesses Normal Heavy Durability
Being a Coward
Status Alive
Occupation Taking over
Casino owner
Subordinates Android Scouts
Allies Fistula
Super "Bad" Soldier
Enemies Gemini

Dr.Pootis Heavy is a PRL Heavy TF2 Freak

His Theme is: Dr.Fetus from Super Meat Boy


He became very smart ever since he ate a australium Sandvish and became apposes to kill Saxton Hale and take over and steal everything that owns

Appearance and Personality

He appears as PRL Heavy wearing Siberian Sophisticate and Modest Pile of Hat.

Dr.Pootis Bomb is a very cocky Heavy that will stop at nothing to get what he wants even killing his own droids. He's also a wealthy Heavy because he owns a casino with lots of security.

Powers and Abititles

  • Mini Bombs: He has and owns his own bomb making kit so he can make big explodes to kill people
  • Mecha suit: if this counts as ability he'll use a robot suit if he needs to shoot a big mini gun at his foes
  • Remote teleportear: Dr.Pootis Heavy does not fight fair he will use it to teleport away from battle to send his minions against them
  • He Smart to make a human robot army and mini bombs that can kill normal humans and sometimes hack into drones.

Faults and Weakness

  • He still a normal Heavy in durability wise
  • His bombs only can kill normal humans and a low rank freak and himself
  • his suit can be damage very greatly from the rear and cause a explosion that will kill him
  • Being cowardly he always seems to forget to use his remote teleporter and his gear
  • He never fought by himself and will become cowardly when his minions all die.
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