Creator Arcedion
Creation 7/2/16
Type Metahuman
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Noble
Fighting style Melee to ranged
Abilities Enhanced fitness
Master swordsmanship and archery
Can transform into phantom form at will, though weak
Weaknesses Ghosts
Freaks with a technological superiority
Status Alive
Enemies Evil freaks

"I believe I've finally found my purpose after all this wandering."

Donny challenging Pythonissam

Donny is a BWN Scout TF2 Freak conceptualized by Arcedion.

His theme song is Dark World / Dungeon - The Legend of Zelda - Super Smash Bros Wii U


Donny is a kid from an alternate strange fantasy reality. His parents were murdered by a ruthless human-turned-demon, and he spent most of his childhood roaming the forests with his talking sword, Ardenia. Eventually, after tons of questing and helping people, he confronted the demon, and defeated it using the collective power of his family that had been passed to him.

He now continues to roam, hoping to help those in need and do everything in his power to stop any evil he encounters.

Appearance and Behavior

Donny is a BWN Scout wearing the Brooklyn Booties, Baseball Bill's Sport Shine, Orion's Belt, Courty Cuirass and he wields a Three-Rune Sword.

Donny is a helpful person (to be blunt). He'll go around and help as many good-natured freaks and people as possible. He isn't one to be trifled with, though. He will fight any villain he sees and if he doesn't win the first time, he'll try again.

However, he's not a very social person. The only people he talks to are his sentient sword and bow, and the ghosts of his parents that remain with him.

Powers and Abilities

Donny has enhanced fitness, he's able to go toe to toe with groups of five RED Vagineers and win.

He has master swordsmanship, which rivals that of Spyper or Ninja Spy.

  • He also has master bowman ship.

As demonstrated, he's able to jump from reality to reality.

After his fight with the demon in his childhood and absorbing its powers, he gained the ability to turn into a phantom and back at will. Although he has had the power for a couple of years, his phantom form is still weak.

Faults and Weaknesses

While Donny can go toe to toe with corporeal enemies, incorporeal enemies have an advantage against him.

Of anything that he's susceptible to, it's magic. Magic does a great deal of damage towards him and could outright kill him.

Due to his antisocial nature, getting help from another freak while in a tough fight is slim to none.

Because he's technologically blind, those with a technological edge can fight him with relative ease.

Just because he can jump from reality to reality doesn't mean he can warp the reality he's in. Quite the contrary. He will only conform to the laws of said reality.


Donny is based off of Arcedion's other character by the same name from his comic series called "The Wandering Swordsman" set in a strange monster/metahuman-riddled multi-universe world (Not TF2 related, though).

Donny will be voiced by Arcedion.

Donny is 19.

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