Doktor Spencer
Doktor Spencer
Creator McBuster
Creation April 10,2017
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Forgiving
Fighting style Close- to Mid-range
Abilities Telekinesis
Metal/Time Aura
Object summon
Heal beam
Metal Mask
Weaknesses Electricity
using Metal aura to long
Weak after using Metal mask
low durability
Status Alive
Occupation Medic
Time Protecter
Superiors Belle
Allies Chopsuey
Evile Cyber
Enemies Time Travelers

Doktor Spencer is a BLU Medic TF2 Freak concept by McBuster and Kyuubiman3.

His main theme is Mother 3-Mr.Saturn Theme.

His combat/rage theme is Mother 3-Battle Against the Masked Man.


He appears as a BLU Medic wearing Physicain's Mask without the Medic symbol, Full Head of Steam and Bilghted Beak without the Medic backpack.

Personality and Behaviour

Doktor Spencer is a very helpful and forgiving person and will help anyone who wants his assistant

He'll forgive anyone even if they are evil he try to work with them to see why their are like this

He seems to know about Freaks with any Time manipulation powers and will try to stop them

but he'll never forgive any time type of time travelers

When enter acting with other mercenaries he tends to act very silly to cheer up others

Powers and Abilities

Telekinesis: Doktor Spencer can lift any objects like boxes, sentries, dispensers and small rocks even lifting himself into the air

Object Summon: He can summon randon objects to drop them on his enemies or to defend himself

Metal/Time Aura: His Metal aura can generate and morph them into sharp objects such as spike balls and blades.

He can only sense when time has been altered and feels were Freaks with Time powers are.

Metal Mask: This Mask makes him release his inner demons and make him more efficient in combat but he doesn't like doing that.

Heal beam: He make his body to act like a Medigun to heal those in dire need

Faults and Weaknesses

Doktor Spencer is weak against Electricity due to the metal parts in his body.

If he uses his metal aura for too long he'll become too dizzy and sick to fight.

Even if he used the Metal Mask after coming out of it he'll be weaken badly and will start bleeding

He is still weak as a regular medic and can be harmed like one.

Due to forgiving people he'll forgive even the most dangerous of all TF2 Freaks.


If Doktor Spencer's mask is remove he'll have a silly facial expression

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