Dispootis Sandvy
Creator Pow
Creation 12/10/2015
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Insane
Fighting style Random
Abilities 'Pootis Mode'
Weaknesses No control over Pootis Mode


Status Dying a lot
Occupation Goofball
Allies Insane Freaks like Stu Pidface and Soljah
Enemies Everyone else


Dispootis, being an idiot

Dispootis Sandvy is an insane BWN Heavy TF2 Freak made by Pow.

His theme is Bloons Monkey City - Street Party at randomly alternating speeds, usually 2x.


Dispootis is a BWN Heavy with a very odd pose. His legs are stuck inside his body at the front of his torso, feet sticking out at his shoulders, and his hands are on top of each other, underneath his crotch. He also glows brown.

He has a straight face all the time, even when speaking, apart from when in Pootis Mode, in which he turns upside down, glows green instead of brown and gains a very distorted face pose.

Personality and Behaviour

Dispootis is completely bonkers. He says nonsense almost as much as freaks like Stu Pidface. He gets on with crazy Freaks like the aforementioned.

Powers and Abilities

When not in Pootis Mode, Dispootis only has the power of perpetual flight and teleportation.

But he can activate Pootis Mode at any time, and the aforementioned visual changes will occur as well as 20-50 props/ragdolls spawning near him (so long as they are from an addon or TF2). These items will also glow green, and Dispootis can control them without physical contact.

An example of what he may spawn:

  • weapons
  • cheese
  • bacon
  • dispensers
  • live TF2 characters
  • security cameras
  • even copies of himself

In Pootis Mode, he also has a highly distorted voice.

Faults and Weaknesses

Dispootis has fluctuating durability levels like Stu, but they have a certain cap which is about the level of a mid-rank Freak's, so he's less likely to be able to survive a nuclear explosion.

Any items Dispootis spawns in Pootis Mode will turn into ice once he switches out, to eventually lose their glow and disintegrate.

He also takes extra damage from attacks with any kind of logic to them.

He cannot control Pootis Mode, it being like an alien taking over his body and actions for a short while.


  • Dispootis was inspired, for the most part, by Stu Pidface.
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