Creator MrShyguy999
Creation 12/6/15
Type Demon
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Snarky
Fighting style Mid-ranged
Abilities Maul
Weaknesses Cocky
Status At large
Occupation Adviser
Allies Pythonissam
Sergeant Maggot
Enemies Grim

Diablo is a BLK Pyro freak conceptualized by MrShyguy999

Appearance and Personality

Diablo is a BLK Pyro wearing the Angel of Death, Tail From the Crypt, the Arkahm Cowl, and the Coffin Kit.

Diablo is a rather snarky demon, he will usually go out of his own way to insult Grim either before, during or sometimes even after battle. He, however, is Pythonissam's friend and adviser, usually helping her with battle strategies. When he isn't murdering helpless people, he will attempt to fight other freaks to help carry out Pythonissam's plan.

Powers and Abilities

Diablo, by default of being a Pyro, has pyrokinetic abilities, to elaborate:

  • Fire balls - Diablo can create medium-sized fire balls and throw them at his opponent
  • Explosion inducement - Diablo can create small combustion's powerful enough to knock back a freak or even temporarily blind them if needed.

He has a Maul that, if it hit's the ground, can cause the ground to shoot up sharp rocks.

Diablo has a penchant for reviving evil and demonic freaks, the reason for this is unknown.

Faults and Weaknesses

Diablo's fireballs disperse after a while.

His explosions cannot kill a high-ranked freak.

His hammer can't work on snowy, sandy or metallic terrain.


Diablo is designed to be Grim's Evil Knockoff.

Diablo's appearence is loosely based off of the appearence of Imps.

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