Creator FP2P
Creation 7th of September, 2018
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Clumsy, joker
Fighting style Short range
Abilities Enhanced human resistance and durability.

His Scotsman's Skullcracker.

Weaknesses Long range freaks.


Status Active
Occupation Tank of the Freaks for Hire
Superiors Tres Bon
Subordinates Gran Heavy, Stunman, Hop, Tickles
Enemies Vaginoob

Demoparrot is a RED TF2 Freak Demoman created by FP2P. He is senior member in the group Freaks for Hire.


Like his partner, Demoparrot was once a regular Demoman (Actually, he was more of a Demoknight) that worked in a team with the mentioned spy. When he discovered his Freak nature along with Tres Bon, they were both expelled from their team. During the time they were unemployed, they fought the despicable Vaginoob and won. Finally finding some kind of purpose on their lives, they founded the Freaks for Hire, becoming the second in command of the group, surpassed by his friend Spy (Now called Tres Bon) recruting 4 members with the passage of time. Because of his bird face, he adopted the motto Demoparrot


Demoparrot is a RED Demoman wearing a Mann-Bird of Aberdeen, a Mann of Seven Sees and a Merc Medal. The last one is carried by the rest of his team.

Personality and Behaviour

In contrast to Tres Bon, Demoparrot does not usually take things very seriously, or simply, it's hard for him to focus on battles, regardless of whether he is drunk or not, he will remain being a clumsy, clueless person without becoming incompetent, giving the group its comical side. He is also characterized by his joking and mocking attitude, which can be motivating or frustrating depending on the situation.

Powers and Abilities

His freakish nature gave him enhaced human resistance and durability, being one of the most resistant members of the team. His main attack method is his Scotsman's Skullcracker, making him a close range Freak. Because of his lack of abilities, his sense of humor can be considered another power of his, using it to distract enemies and deal with them in a slightly more simple way.

Faults and Weaknesses

Even though he is effective at short ranges, he weakens over long distances and ocassionaly, mid range Freaks. So Freaks that can deal big damage at a long range, can overpower him. Also, his clumsiness can be exploited by his enemies. Finally, his jokes may only distract regular mercenaries or not serious Freaks, but it obviously doesn't work with serious and unflinching characters. 

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