"Howdy! I'm Delly, and if you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from Isa."

— Delly, to someone he dislikes
Painted Pocket Pardner E6E6E6 Mining Light-1-

Killer doll? Eh...

Creator AnitaAlways
Debut Pending
Type Living Doll
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude sweet if he likes you, sour if he doesn't
Fighting style melee if he has to, telekinesis if he doesn't
Abilities telekinesis, constructs, teleportation, healing, mind influencing, mind reading, super strength, durability
Weaknesses small and can be kicked around, still feels pain, requires belief to move around, can't teleport while being watched, low ability to recognize danger
Status Alive
Occupation Plaything
Superiors His owner


Delly is a classless Pocket Pardner Freak set to appear in an upcoming video. A living doll, he spends his days making his owner happy- and keeping her safe.


Delly is a Pocket Pardner with an Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge. He carries around a Necro Shasher 2 1/2 times his size whenever he's going on a rampage.


Delly came into existence while Erzengel and Nightmare Medic were fighting. Some of their blood happened to come into contact with a doll, which was found, restored, and sold to a little girl. Some people say it may be alive.

Personality and Behaviour

Delly is a children's toy, and he acts like one. He is cheerful, fun-loving, and sweet. At least, to his owner and those he feels he can allow to be around her. Everyone else gets stared at with red eyes if he can't move around and pranked or terrirized if he can. He hasn't got a problem being a killer doll if he feels he has to do so to protect his owner or himself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Powers: Telekinesis such that he can toss around high tier Freaks
  • Build miniature Engineer constructs that put out the same amount of damage
  • Teleportation
  • Super strength
  • Self healing
  • Healing any injury sustained by owner
  • Influencing the mood or dreams of owner
  • Mind reading
  • Creating illusions that fool all 5 senses for playtime with owner

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Is still a doll. An enemy could kick him and he’d go flying.
  • While he can heal himself, he does feel every injury inflicted on him.
  • He is short. While strong enough to wield weapons, he has to be smart or he’ll tip over.
  • He can't move around if everyone that can see him doesn't believe in his being alive.
  • If someone can see him, his teleportation doesn't work.
  • He only reacts to danger if he can see, hear, or otherwise register it. A general idea that it may be out there isn't something he can recognize. If a Freak can attack from far enough away that Delly doesn't realize they're a threat, he's in deep trouble.


  • He was inspired by Chucky (both continuities) with the caveat that he isn't evil.
  • Despite his not being evil, he tends to scare everyone except his owner anyway.
  • He is the only Pocket Buddy Freak.
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