Davy DeGroot
Creator Xho
Creation 30 Nov 2014
Type Demon
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Manipulative, belligerent
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities Power over water
Demonic characteristics
Status Active
Occupation Demon

Davy DeGroot is a BLU Demoman TF2 Monster created by Xho.

His theme is Soul Calibur V OST - Chainless Disaster.


Davy DeGroot is a BLU Demoman wearing the Buccaneer's Bicorne, Bonedolier, Cap'n Calamari, Mann of the Seven Sees, Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect, the Bootlegger and the Polly Putrid. A cold blue glow comes from his very being, as well as his demonic eye being lit with a yellow glow.

Personality and Behaviour

There are many demonic Freaks in the TF2 World that sport a mean-spirited and downright sadistic demeanour, and Davy DeGroot is among them. Like many of the demons of the TF2 World, Davy DeGroot is capable of reasoning with other demons to further his goals, although he himself prefers to enlist - or enslave - would be servants to his cause. Despite this, Davy DeGroot prefers to work alone.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike many demonic freaks who have power over hellfire, Davy DeGroot's source of power comes from water. Able to manipulate water in multiple ways - such as being able to hide within water as well as teleport between sources of water, creating amorphous clones of his being as well as summoning watery demons to fight for him, Davy DeGroot is also at an advantage against many other demonic freaks as he is able to repel hellfire should he need to. Some of Davy DeGroot's more sadistic techniques of his power can also cause his victims to drown within their own bodily fluids. Aside from that, Davy DeGroot's demonic being is significantly stronger and hardier than the average Demoman, although he does not appear to be any faster.

His other abilities that coincide with his identity as a demon is to be able to sense spiritual presences, including other demons, undead Freaks and angelic Freaks should he need to avoid them. He is also able to steal souls as well as the life force of others as a last resort. Equipped with an ethereal cutlass, he is an expert swordsman that coupled with his supernatural abilities make him deadliest at close range.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite a high resistance to damage and pain, Davy DeGroot has limited vulnerability that pales in comparison to exceptionally strong demons such as Behemoth - whilst he can endure a significant amount of damage, he is not invulnerable. Due to his power over water, Davy DeGroot in fact has an aversion to fire and ice, as both powers can cancel out or cause his powers to backfire on him.

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