Das Chamäleon
Creator Kyuubiman3
Type Necroborg
Abilities Chamäleon Clock
Wall Hack
Jet Pack
Electric Kick
Fake Death
Status Undead

Das Chamäleon is a undead cyborg BLU Medic TF2 Freak created Kyuubiman3.

Appearance and Personality

He's silent when in hiding aggressive to birds easily cocky when winning battles loves to torture his victims slow and painfully as Possible to make them suffer like he did when he died he stay focus on missions and also has a pet named "Hardhat" which is another freak called Odd Engi

Das Chamäleon

Das Chamäleon about to kill a unlucky medic


He started as a normal BLU medic working at Sawmill till he was eaten alive by Pootis birds then a few days later he respawned but changed he was fused with spy's gear and some freaks DNA that changed his old self to the Zomborg Freak named Das Chamäleon that wears Virus Doctor and Dr. Gogglestache with the Righteous Bison, Dead ringer, disguise kit and the Machina his job for the Zombrogs are Assassin and Spy to Spot there targets to get rid of them. He's loyal to any Zomborgs in his squad or group. And will attack anyone who enters his lair in sawmill


Das Chamäleon's lair

Power and Abilities

  • Chamäleon Clock can make him became props to hide
  • Wall Hack makes him see through walls to shoot his targets
  • Cybor-punch Can break even the toughest freaks
  • Jet pack can make him fly higher for surprise attack or dive bombs
  • Electric kick causes victims to be stunned for 10 seconds
  • Can fake death 5 times a day

Faults and Weakness

  • His Chamäleon clock makes him weak as the props
  • His Food disguise makes him targets to heavies and Pootis birds
  • He gets Cocky at times when he believes that he won the battle
  • Shooting or Hitting the jet pack would cause him to crash and burn
  • Freaks with better aim can out match him
  • His body is weak to Strong attacks
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