Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation 3rd July 2014
Type Enhanced human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Cynical, brash
Fighting style short range
Abilities Hacking
Australium powered suit
Weaknesses weak ranged ability
limited dutability
Status Active
Occupation Hacker
Superiors CyborScout(Future)
Allies Francois

Darryn is Australium enhanced TF2 Freak created by Youtube user ShermanZAtank.


Darryn appears as a Tron coloured Scout without the default head gear. He is sometimes seen with a mobile device.


In a dystopian future where Australium corporations have taken control over the world's industries, Darryn was a young adult who's hacking skills had gotten him in trouble with part of an Australium Corporation. It was only the future CyborScout's intervention that saved him from assasination.

After being rescued by CyborScout, Darryn somewhat reluctantly joined her (as he had nowhere safe left to go) and in the process became the first of the "new" Australium Guardians. In order to help CyborScout in their missions, he was provided with an Australium enhanced scout's uniform which dramatically increased his physical ability and provided some minimal protection. He now acts as the "New Guardians" hacker.

Personality and Behaviour

Darryn is usually a very cynical individual due to his life on the streets in the poorer communities. Having to fight and sometimes steal to survive made him bitter towards others, but he becomes genuine to those who he has known long enough to gain their trust. In a fight he comes across as brash, freely bad mouthing his opponent and rarely displaying fear.

Powers and Abilities

Darryn's primary skill is his skill as a programmer. His particular skill for older programing languages allows to attack exploits which exist in the protection systems of the Australium Corporation's software.

His Australium enhanced combat suit enhances his physical abilities to beyond that of a normal human, ideal for his brawling fighting style and parkouring his way around the environment. In addition the suit provides limited ballistic protection, allowing him to survive an otherwise lethal wound.

He does carry a pistol on occasion, however he is not skilled with its use and prefers to use it as a last resort.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Darryn's lack of ranged firepower and accuracy puts him at a distinct disadvantage against any ranged opponent.
  • Despite his enhanced state, he cannot take on enemies heavily enhanced with Australium and armour.
  • His suit's ballistic ressistance is only enough to stop a 9mm round and won't halt most small arms fire.


  • Darryn exists in an alternative future universe where Cyborneer, CyborHeavy and most of their friends and enemies are dead.
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