Creator GmodViolet
Creation 25 May 2019
Type Alien
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Ruthless, homicidal
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Super-strength
Heat vision
Status Alive
Occupation Serial Killer

Darkscorch is a Teamless Pyro TF2 Monster created by GmodViolet.


Darkscorch is a dark Pyro wearing a dark red Sewed Silence as well as a cape with the same color. He mostly appears with bright red eyes.


Darkscorch wasn't always the killing machine he became now.

In the past, a rocket crashed on Earth. It was quickly retrieved by the Administrator who found Darkscorch inside it who was a baby at that time.

The Administrator took care of him until he was old enough to join a team of mercenaries and then sent him in a BLU one as their new Pyro on 2fort. But Darkscorch wasn't really comfortable about killing others and decided to being friendly to everyone including the ennemie team.

Unfortunately, the entire RED team didn't care about it and kept killing him. His team was upset that one of their member wasn't doing anything to help them winning rounds and some of them even started to bully Darkscorch. But thankfully, Darkscorch had the support of one of his teamate, a BLU Femscout as well as one of her friend, a RED Femscout from the ennemie team who learned that winning wasn't what's life all about.

But one day, the BLU Team had enough of Darkscorch friendliness and decided to beat him. His two friends where kept away from him by two members of the BLU Team while the others started to beat him down. While being beaten, Darkscorch started to getting angrier and by accident, unleashed lasers from his eyes for the first time on his assailants, killing them. At first, Darkscorch was shocked by his action but also felt good after killing the ones that kept bullying him after all this time.

He then went searching his two Femscout friends who were guarded by the Sniper and Spy of his team. When having Darkscorch in sight, both of them began to shoot him. At everyone surprise, Darkscorch wasn't harm by the bullets. He then attacked the BLU Sniper by punching him in his face, sending his head across the room. The Blu Spy tried to flee but Darkscorch who was going to run, started flying for his first time and grabbed the Spy before ripping him in half.

After this, Darkscorch flied to the Administrator place looking for answers. We don't know what happend there, but days later, Darkscorch came back at 2fort as he is now and killed everyone there before going across the world for causing chaos and destruction.

Behavior and Personality

After killing the members of his old team, Darkscorch started to find pleasure in killing.

He likes tormenting his victims, scaring them before finishing them off. And even though he kills most of the people he meet, he doesn't kill friendlies because they remind him of his past self before he turned evil.

Powers and Abilities

Because of his alien specie, Darkscorch possesses some great powers.

He have superhuman strength allowing him to lift heavy objects with ease or simply to kill someone with almost no efforts.

Darkscorch also have superhuman speed which he often uses when he's flying to travel around the world or to simply catch a victim trying to flee him. When using his speed in a small radius, it's like if he was teleporting.

Like said previously, Darkscorch have the ability to fly and he's also able to went in space and still being able to breathe.

What's really terrifying about Darkscorch is his near invulnerability to anything. Being shot, stabbed, burned, crushed or even being catch in a explosion doesn't hurts him and would at least slowing him for a short time.

The last power of Darkscorch is to being able to shoot powerful lasers from both of his eyes. His lasers almost penetrate anything and are his most deadly ability.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite being quite powerful, Darkscorch isn't completely invulnerable:

  • Any type of magic attack, spell or magical weapons can harm him.
  • Materials coming from outer space can hurt him as well.
  • Like any human, Darkscorch can drown in water.


  • Darkscorch is clearly based on Brandon Breyer from the movie Brightburn.
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