Creator Captain Huzan and Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 10/3/16
Type Android
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Mercury Toxicity Infection with Vita-Saw Hand
Limited Flight
Insane Mode
Self destruction that kills Vagineers and Heavybrines in 1 km
Weaknesses Kills only Vagineers and Heavybrines when he isnt in Insane Mode
In insane mode he slowly damages himself
Status Alive
Occupation Destroying Vagineers and Heavybrines
Enemies Heavybrines

D.S.A.H.A.V is a massive RED Android Robot made by user's Captain Huzan and Chaos Sorcerer

His theme is "30 Seconds To Mars - Attack "

His Battle Theme is "Super Meat Boy: The Battle of Lil' Slugger"

His Insane Mode theme is "[UNDERTALE Dark, Darker, Yet Darker - Gaster's Pacifist Battle Theme]"


D.S.A.H.A.V wears the Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm, Immobile Suit and a vita saw for his left arm


D.S.A.H.A.V was created by a unknown organization to destroy Heavybrines and Vagineers.

Weapons and Abilities

D.S.A.H.A.V is able to infect freaks with Mercury Toxicity, which kills Heavybrine's almost instantly and Vagineers slowly, but it is unknown if the serum effects any other freaks. He can also suck the ubercharge from BLU vagineers leaving them vulnerable and easier to kill.

Insane Mode- When badly damaged he will go Insane mode powering himself but also slowly damaging himself and killing everything alive even when it isnt Heavybrine or Vagineer. He is in this state for 1 minute.

When he is overhelmed he will detonate himself and killing every vagineer and heavybrine in 1 km. It is seen that it doesnt kill anything only vagineers and heavybrines.

Faults and Weaknesses

He kills vagineers and heavybrines only when he isnt in his Insane mode.

In insane mode he will slowly damage himself.


  • D.S.A.H.A.V stands for "Defensive System Against Heavybrines And Vagineers".
  • He is using voice lines of Dreadnought from Dawn of War 2. When in Insane Mode he uses Chaos Dreadnought voice lines from Dawn of War 2.
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