Creator McBuster
Creation March, 10, 2017
Debut Pending
Type Android Scientist
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Sadistic
Fighting style Short- to Long- Range
Melee(when needed)
Abilities Hand Cannon
Weaknesses Headache
Status Active
Occupation Scientist
Superiors Bomb Bugle
Subordinates Dangerous Weapon
Allies Trickster Scout
Magic Demo
Enemies Texas Bacon
Fly Scout
Dangerous Weapon

Cryptor is a BLU Medic TF2 Freak made by McBuster


Cryptor looks like a BLU Medic normally wears Blighted Beak (Vibrio Cholerae style), Vicar's Vestments and code like gloves on his hands

Personality and Behaviour

Cryptor is a very cruel Medic for power and he's well known to his own army as a "psychopath" that will kill you if your back is turn.

he'll even act as a innocent civilian to gain intel on his opponents to gain the upper hand while secretly planning to take over the Freak wrold by force.

He tends to show no mercy in combat to his foes or those who get in his way.

Power and Abilities

  • Stock Nindroid abilities: like his lower allies he knows how to use these skills in combat
  • Cryptor is great at using a katana or kurini to battle his opponents and knows how to disarm other blade and gun users
  • Telekinesis: with this power he can use it to gilded in the air and lift heavy objects to block or throw out of his way
  • Hand Cannons: He had modified Gloves to shoot powerful beams or rockets made from Australium
  • Hypnotize/mind corruption: He'll use it on those to see what he saw or take control of their body to fight

Faults and Weakness

  • He's open to attacks in his mind corruption state and his defence is greatly lowered.
  • when he gets a headache it makes his telekinesis and mind corruption stop and leaving him vulnerable to attacks
  • he lacks the ability to use the clone shadow in the Nindroid abilities and only can clone one
  • His hand cannon can't take to much damage or it will deactivate and cause a EMP blast damaging him


The Nindroids are BLK Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Demoman and Spy robots ninjas build by Cryptor that all use Australium like powers to use on powerful foes.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Stock Nindroid abilities are the Nindroids powers listed below
  • Ninja disguise: are too disguise as their enemies's allies to trick them
  • Some Nindroids have one special power from any marital artists freaks like Ninjineer and Ninja Spy
  • Digit Shadow Clone: this is the Nindroid's common ability to clone up to three of them self's at a time
  • Ninja Cloak: The use to cloak this on themselves to stealth walk past people without being seen
  • advanced Ninja weaponry: they can transform their katanas into any weapon of choice.

Faults and Weakness

  • They all share a common weakness to robots which are EMPs and Sappers
  • due to being less armoured to be faster and agile their much weaker against heavy damage from explosives
  • they're clones can't use the Digital Shawdow ability.
  • Most of the Nindroid fight short range and other lack range attacks
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