Criminal Mischief Charles
Criminal Mischief Charles
Creator BurgerLord
Creation 11/29/15
Type Meta-Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Traitorous
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Powerful kicking
Weaknesses Cocky
Status Alive
Occupation Society attacker
Kung Fu Master
Enemies Everyone

Criminal Mischief Charles is a Navy BLU Scout TF2 Freak conceptualized by YouTube users BurgerLord and AdmiralTrainstorm

His theme is KoF 2002 UM OST - Cutting Edge.

Appearance and Personality

Criminal Mischief Charles is a BLU Scout wearing the Front Runner and the Fast Learner.

Criminal Mischief Charles is rather traitorous, one minute he'll do a good deed and then he'll turn on the person or freak he was benefiting. He's also really cocky, but he isn't without reason.

He also has a sadistic streak a mile wide, he seems to take joy in murdering freaks and people, innocent or not.

He seem's to have a penchant for kicking his opponents.

Powers and Abilities

Criminal Mischief Charles has superhuman fitness. Should he kick someone in the face, their head will fly clean off.

He's a Scout, by default he's rather agile.

He has regenerative abilities, reminiscent to that of a Vagineer.

Like his enemy, Sodeanator, he has a baseball he uses as a weapon. But it only stuns his opponent.

Charles' fitness gradually rises when in a fight. He calls this "Hype". The longer he stays standing in a fight, the stronger he gets.

  • Speaking of "Hype", should his "Hype" level reach its peak, he can do one of two things: Release some of it in a massive wave motion laser or go into "Hype mode". In "Hype mode" state his Superhuman fitness reaches its peak. He also gains a BLU Ubercharge and Yellow crit glow.

Faults and Weaknesses

Criminal Mischief Charles is extremely cocky. He'll attempt to fight anyone within eyesight.

Due to his penchant for kicking, should he have to punch someone, it won't do much damage.

Should he get knocked to the ground, his "Hype" will decrease to zero.


He's a parody of poorly made, Over-Powered, effortless freaks.


Criminal Mischief Charles kills the bad guys

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