The new creiper by yakuza331-d7ogmql
Creator Yakup3311
Debut Gmod: A New TF2 Freak Appears.
Type Superhuman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Silly (sometimes),
Fighting style Short- to Mid-range
Abilities Enhanced Razorback,
Fake corpses,
Blood Damage Immunity,
Modified PDA,
Anger Mode (Glasses knocked out only)
Weaknesses Clumsy,
Gets in trouble,
Vulnerable without the Razorback
Status Alive
Occupation Manhunter
Enemies Any GRY members,
Mercenaries who work for Gray Mann

Creiper is a GRY Sniper Freak conceptualized by YouTube user Yakup3311.

His normal theme is Timesplitters Future Perfect OST - Bunker Deathmatch

His Anger Mode theme is Timesplitters 2 OST - Siberia Boss

Appearance and Behavior

He appears to be a GRY Sniper wearing glasses with eyeballs on it. Without them, his eyes are shown without pupils.

He also has an habit of making fun of of those who have been defeated or running away from him.

Creiper was a RED Sniper who have been imprisoned by Gray Mann after his teammates betrayed him over the robot mercenaries which the latter made. One night, he escaped from the prison and hided in gm_excess_islands where he plans to take Gray Mann himself down.

He's often seen stealing weapons from the enemies he killed, giving him bigger chances to defend himself.

Powers and Abilities

Creiper is able to use his modified PDA, which he's able to summon fake corpses of himself when attacked by enemies.

Plus, the PDA makes his Razorback immune to metalic weapons such as Spy's butterfly knife. Once hit, the Razorback will cause a nasty electric shock, stunning the attacker.

If his glasses gets knocked out, revealing his pupiless eyes, Creiper will lose his control and enters into Anger Mode. Which he will not stop until the attacker is deceased. While searching, his eyes have "Heat Vision", which he can spot where his enemies are for few seconds.

In case of getting wouned, Creiper isn't affected by bloodloss-inducing attacks even inflicted by The Boston Basher, making this type of weapons useless.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Creiper is also (sometimes)clumsy, which he takes damage from falling when trying to climb.
  • Non-metalic weapons will easily damage his Razorback. When it's taken off, he will become highly vulnerable to serious damage.
  • If his PDA's battery ran out of power, it will take an hour to recharge.
  • Creiper gets in big trouble when attacking, making him to retreat.

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