Creative Engineer
Gmod Engineer
Creative Engineer with his equipment
Creator AdmikStudio
Creation 12.11.2016
Type Human with special equipment
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Quirky
Fighting style Mid-range
Abilities Prop Spawn





Weaknesses Not a fighting type.

Fall Damage

Status Alive
Occupation Building, posing
Superiors None
Subordinates Spawned NPCs
Allies None
Enemies None

"It's beautiful..."

Creative Engineer, putting wheels on a crate for the first time.

Creative Engineer is a GRY Engineer created by AdmikStudio.

His theme is Half Life 2 OST - Apprehension and Evasion


Creative Engineer or CE is a grey Engineer equipped with a Tool Gun and a Physics Gun.

Personality and Behaviour

Creative Engineer is most commonly seen building cars, forts made of boxes, etc. He is a very creative individual, hence the name Creative Engineer. He doesn't attack anything except his own built target or spawned NPCs. If he is seen fighting any freak, it's in self-defense.


Creative Engineer is usually seen at ctf_2fort.

Powers and Abilities

Physics Gun

Creative Engineer has a Physics Gun that emits a physbeam that he is able to pick up, freeze, throw and rotate small or medium-sized objects. He can also even pose spawned ragdolls with it, in combination with the Tool Gun.

Tool Gun

He also has a Tool Gun, with it he can spawn any prop or ragdoll. He can also weld, put wheels on something, or make a balloon with it.


Creative Engineer also has a pistol, which he can shoot things with.


Creative Engineer always respawns when he dies, thus making him pretty much impossible to kill. He always respawns at a random map, and never respawns at the one he was before.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Creative Engineer isn't a fighting type, so he can get injured by pretty much anything combat-related.
  • He is very vulnerable to fall damage.


  • Creative Engineer is supposed to represent an everyday Gmodder.
  • The creator had a bad time making the image for him.
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