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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Crazed Gunman undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Crazed Gunman
Creator Youhadabadday
Debut (To Be Released)
Type Glass Cannon
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Retarded, Hyperactive, Unpredicatble
Fighting style Agressive Barrages, Ranged Weakening
Abilities Enhanced Strength, Stamina and Agility, Sleeper Crotch, Seizure Induction
Weaknesses Lack of Intelligence, Below-Human Durability
Status Alive
Crazed Gunman is an ORG Sniper TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Youhadabadday

His Casual Theme is a Kazoo Version of Magnum Force - TF2 OST and his Battle Theme is a Kazoo Version of He's A Pirate - Pirates of the Carribean OST.


Crazed Gunman appears as an ORG Hatless Sniper, wearing only glasses with no other cosmetics. However, his... ahem... "Reproductive Organs"... have been replaced with his signature Sleeper Crotch, a Sydney Sleeper bound to his crotch area.


Since he doesn't have a debut video yet, there really isn't a backstory.

Personality and Behaviour

Crazed Gunman is very erratic, constantly in a state of seizure-like hyperactivity. He mostly spouts out random gibberish, but when he does form a coherent thought, it's delivered with the same sort of attitude as a Scout.

Powers and Abilities

Crazed Gunman displays the traits of Enhanced Strength, Agility, and Speed, allowing him to deal mulitple crippiling blows in quick sucession without tiring out. This makes it hard to land a hit on Crazed Gunman as well, due to the mercenaries and some freaks hardly being able to keep up with him.

On top of these base traits, he has a few other abilities as well. His Sleeper Crotch allows him to fire out a liquid projectile made of Jarate, Mad Milk, Blood, or Gasoline, albiet enhanced to a high degree of effectiveness. On top of that, if he lands a blow on the opponents head, he is able to induce seizures onto them, making them unable to fight.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite this sheer strength, Crazed Gunman does have a few weaknesses:

  • Despite his speed, most freaks can outpace him, albiet with a bit of effort, and can deal heavy blows to him.
  • Crazed Gunman's durability is actually half of a normal Sniper's durability, so one average blow can easily put him out of commision.
  • Crazed Gunman doesn't have the mental capacity to strategize or make a coherent thought, causing him to be at a disadvantage with anyone in terms of smarts.
  • Using the Sleeper Crotch drains quite a bit of stamina from Crazed Gunman, so he can't use it in quick sucession.
  • In order for Crazed Gunman to induce seizures on someone, he must punch someone in the head right between the forehead and scalp, and with his hyperactive nature, he isn't able to focus enough to land this sort of hit most of the time.


  • Crazed Gunman was born out of a desire of the creator to create a Freak that embodies the randomness of Garry's Mod, in the vein of freaks like Stu Pidface and Uncle Crusty.
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