Commander Tarboosh
Commander Tarboosh
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/06/2018
Type Henchman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Loyal and Aggressive
Fighting style Any ranges
Abilities Basic guns


Weaknesses Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Servant in Fez Army Corps
Superiors Fez Corsair
Subordinates Fez Army Corps
Allies Dr. Cipher



Enemies Beret Terrorist

Regalia Tsar

Field Officer

Commander Tarboosh is a YLW Soldier freak that is a servant to Fez Corsair and immediate commander of Fez Army Corps. He was created by TeslaTitanicX.


He was a regular RED Soldier who was taken as a captive by Regalia Tsar. He was rescued by Fez Corsair and recruited as an immediate commander of Fez Army Corps.

Appearances and behavior:

Firstly he appeared as a RED Soldier taken as a captive by Regalia Tsar. He was rescued by Fez Corsair and recruited as a supreme commander of an army. He wears a RED Fez. In his "kebabcharge" form, he appeared with shogun shin guard, two pairs of Space Bracers and two pairs of Jupiter Jumpers with RED crit glowing.

Powers and abilities:

Somewhat, he was trained by Fez Corsair to become his loyal servant to assist him in any battles. He use any kinds of weapons. In his "kebabcharge", he randomly use any kinds of weapons and also he can punch enemies if he gets too close to them as well as using melee weapons. He can immediately commanded Fez Army Corps commanders, minions and elite groups to gave them strategies to overwhelm the targets.

Commander Tarboosh kebabcharge

His own kebabcharge

Faults and weaknesses:

Sometimes Commander Tarboosh seems bored when there is no mission for him to deal. He only do what was commanded by Fez Corsair.


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