Commander Black
Commander Black
Creator KingCobra7
Creation January 4, 2020
Debut Meanwhile...
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Ruthless, menacing
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Dark magic
Superhuman strength
Fear aura
Superhuman endurance
Superhuman durability
Weaknesses Light
Status Alive
Occupation Colonel (Formerly)
Superiors His general† (Formerly)
Subordinates Pyreaper
Enemies Striker

Commander Black is a BLK Soldier TF2 Freak concept made by YouTube user KingCobra7.

His ambient theme is Terminator - Main Title by Brad Fiedel.

His combat theme is Action (Hard - Part 2 - Electric Guitar) from The Darkness.


Commander Black was once an ordinary Soldier who was the 2nd in command of a massive BLU team faction, who had a BLU Pyro assigned to bodyguard him at all times. He worked under the authority of his general, who despised him due to his constant failed attempts at winning battles against the opposing RED team, always resulting in being mocked and berated.

One day, he was ordered by his general to attack a base where the RED team was testing unknown and unusual experiments. Immediately, after Black left to rally his army, the general ordered one of his top Snipers to assassinate him. When questioned, the general proclaimed that he no longer was welcome on the BLU team due to his failiures, and had to be disposed of for good.

Meanwhile, Commander Black and his forces battled the RED team at their base. Both sides were quickly experiencing casualties, with neither gaining the upper hand. Black infiltrated the base to examine the experiments, only to find a mysterious red glowing crystal. Upon coming into contact with it, it immediately sensed his hatred for his general and all who opposed him and then knew what he wanted. It then transformed him into the being his is today.

Black gained immediate knowledge of his powers after his transformation, and proceeded to wipe out the entire RED team for good. Suddenly, the BLU Sniper appeared and fired a bullet directly at Black's head, but it was immediately blocked by his forcefield, alerting him. He incapacitated the Sniper and demanded to know the meaning of this assassination attempt. The Sniper nervously proclaimed that the general ordered him to.

Angered, Black finished off the Sniper and headed back to his main base, where he proceeded to slaughter his former general with his newfound powers. He then took command, and rallied the remainder of his faction back to the base, where he killed them all after describing his new plan, for fear that they would turn on him.

Immediately, his Pyro bodyguard became suspicious and had concerns about his plan for taking over the TF2 Freak World. The ruthless commander advised his servant that he "couldn't see the future clearly" and needed a "change of vision". Using a high degree of his power, he transformed the Pyro into the malevolent Pyreaper, and they have both been scheming plans for world domination ever since.

The first thing they did was run genetic experiments with the crystal that Black recovered from the RED base, which they called the "Blood Crystal". They used it to create a special serum that turned deceased beings into mindless minions. They used this serum on the dead members of their faction, changing them into Replicants. Their army began expanding after they started collecting bodies of everyone they killed, and then changing them into Replicants as well.

Blood Crystal

The Blood Crystal.

After that, Commander Black began his plan. The first step was the construction of Soltron, an obedient killing machine. Over the course of time, Black had Pyreaper take their creation around the badlands to test his combat skills against the innocent inhabitants.

A couple months later, Pyreaper invited Black to the conversion lab to witness the rise of Glaive, and to see the test result of a dark magic possessed object being worn on a human body. He approved of this creation, and thought of all the possible benefits.

A few days later, he sent Pyreaper out to hunt down more mercenaries to increase their army's size, when he noticed a group of Replicants goofing around. Enraged by this, the commander figured he needed more enforcers, as Pyreaper could not be everywhere at once. He then selected the team's highest ranked Medic, as he had a rather strict demeanor. He used a large degree of his dark powers to change him into Medimancer, although not enough to elevate him to wraith status like Pyreaper.

While the Medic admired his transformation, Black turned to his Engineers and watched as they installed the final modifications on Soltron.

Appearance and Personality

Commander Black is a BLK Soldier who dons the Caped Crusader (Team Playa, painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue), BLU Coldfront Curbstompers (painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue), a BLU Team Captain (painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue), the All-father's Armor, a red-painted Supernatural Stalker, and the Vamp Slayer's Vestments. He has the "fire horns lv1" Killstreak effect in his eyes, being completely red. His voice is deep, petrifying, and cold, striking fear into the heart of all who hear it.

With a merciless and heavy-hearted nature, Black defines evil in every way possible. He shows no regard for any living being. He only has concerns for his hunger for power and his task to conquer the entire TF2 Freak World, and possibly the world itself, which he will stop at nothing to achieve. He has an absolute hatred of all who oppose him, no matter who they are, and will not hesitate to slaughter them before his eyes. Even his subordinates cower in fear before his very presence.

Despite his cold nature, he shows some regard for his enforcers. He approves of Pyreaper's loyalty, Medimancer's intellect, Tyrant's combative nature, and Soltron's obedience. However, he has serious doubts about Uplink and his Ioquacious attitude.

Powers and Abilities

Commander Black's powers allow him to stand up to even the strongest of freaks. He is far more resilient than your average Soldier, having an immense amount of strength, and some enhanced durability to match as well. He is also capable of flight, which is useful for evasion.

Black's body constantly radiates a "fear aura", which inspires fear into the heart of all but the bravest of sentient beings standing within a moderate distance from him.

He possesses dark magic, which is by far the strongest form of magic the world has ever seen. He is able to manipulate this magic in any way he wishes.

  • CB rips a Pyro's limbs off using his mind.
  • Flight.
  • CB conjures a sword made of dark energy.
  • CB's "fear aura" in effect.
  • Strength showcase.
  • CB's invisible forcefield in effect.
  • He is capable of firing dark energy balls at his targets, which can incinerate regular mercenaries and injure stronger monsters.
  • He can also conjure glowing red melee weapons made of dark energy into his hands, ranging from daggers to greatswords. He is very skilled with these weapons.
  • He can move any living object with his mind, and is able to kill it in various ways by doing this. Examples include breaking their necks or tearing their limbs off.
  • An invisible forcefield surrounds his body, which can shield him from many attacks at any angle, even in various directions.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • As a being of darkness, he is susceptible to light-based attacks.
  • His forcefield can only protect him from targets he is aware of. Stealthy freaks can use this as an opportunity for a sneak attack.
  • His attacks are not very effective at long range, and can be evaded easily.


  • Commander Black has gone through many changes.
  • As a normal Soldier, he wore a Team Captain, a Fancy Dress Uniform, Manntreads, a Killer's Kit (Style 1), and a Gentle Manne's Service Medal.
  • He is voice acted by his creator.

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