Cheshire (Official Concept)
Creator St Scotty
Creation 22nd January 2018 (Concept)
Type Demonic-Undead
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Apathy
Fighting style Close Quarter Combat
Abilities Supernatural Condition

Hellfire magic

Weaknesses Far more fragile than other members

Struggle against range specialist

Status Undead
Occupation Assassin (currently)

Prostitute (formerly)

Superiors Queen Doe (True Leader)

Cosmo Thanatos

Subordinates Cult of Undead armies
Allies Cult of Undead
Enemies Saintville

Council of Order

other Freaks

Cheshire is a demonic-undead femscout of RED TF2 Freak and second-in command for Cult of Undead. She is created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

Her theme is: OST Dead by Daylight - Killer Theme.


Although her origin was unknown, but her dark story was told by Tisha , whom reveal to be victim of human trafficking under prostitution like her. Before Tisha escaped with Saint through force marriage, Cheshire had been brutally tortured due to her sexuality. Most of the time she was quiet and unable to say a word. Tisha also reminds her husband, Saint of how Cheshire evenutally comit suicide during his rescue attempt on her and the victims. Unaware of her return, Cheshire is a complete mystery for not knowing what's her goal or her intention of reviving the Armagaeddon by joing the organizations.

  • Cheshire's original concept
  • Cheshire's human appearance before turning to demonic undead
  • Cheshire fights against Tisha one on one.
  • Cheshire's Hellfire Magic concept

Appearance and Personality

Cheshire wears her orange Dark Helm and medieval armour under her demonic undead form. However, her appearance before her death was orange curly hair and Digit Divulger. In original concept, Cheshire is RED femscout but later changed BLU with black shirt along with Digit Divulger for more original content.

There's not know much about Cheshire after her death. Most of her time after death was completely emotionless, causing her victims unsure what she intended to do.

Powers & Abilities

Like any other undead, she possess supernatural condition as she gains strength, speed, agility and endurance. However, her durability isn't as balance as the rest of her stats due to her class. Despite her lack of durability, her hellfire magic can make up for her offensive attack as she can creates knife through hellfire and amplify her striking power just to increase her damage attack gradually.

Faults & Weakness

  • Due to her status, Cheshire's durability is actually the same as standard scout. Thus she can be more fragile than other members of the team.
  • As a scout, she is constantly struggle against range users due to her specialty as melee fighter.


  • The original attempt for Cheshire is Fempyro but during the making of her appearance, one of the Freak, Infierno already had similar appearance. So the design change to femscout in order to avoid confusion.
  • The main reason why Cheshire supposed to be Fempyro is to create mysterious demonic-undead.
  • Cheshire is actually a trangender woman, according to Tisha.
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