Captain Charger
Captain Chargers Return
Creator Victorlinear
Creation October 2014
Type Meta Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Passive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Invisible Back Sheild

High powered Splendid Screen
Enhanced Speed

Status Active
Enemies Lance Doomsday

Personality and Appearance

Captain Charger used to have a odd sense of fashion. But he later changed his past personality due to creeping others out.


Captain Charger used to have a very creepy interest in other people. Often calling them out for how wonderful they looked. After a conflict and lost connection with a good friend, Captain Charger went into hiding, unerved and depressed. He would then reappear later in the late 2016-2017's but soon left the world of TF2 once more

Powers and Abilities

Invisible Back Shield - Captain Charger has some sort of invisible back shield to protect others from debri that he kicks up while running at medium to max speed. This also works for sneak attacks from behind.

High powered Splendid Screen - Captain Chargers splendid screen has a devastating effect upon contact to a object/target. Usually knocking them back farther than a normal Splendid Screen would.

Enhanced Speed - Captain Charger has advanced movement than a normal demomen

Faults and Weaknesses



  • The creator, not knowing how to make a character page or knowing about the concept wikia, posted on his profile on the Freakshow wikia in 2014, only for Kugawattan to appear and delete it two times.
  • Captain Charger wore the Buccaneer's Bicorne, but this was changed due to Lord DeGroot having the same cosmetic and looking alike. The creator had trouble of finishing a final appearance until Scream Fortress 2018 came about, which he then used the Mann-o-war for heavy for Charger.
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