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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Camera Spy undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Camera Spy
Camera Spy
Creator McBuster
Creation August 13,2017
Type Headswap
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Bored
Fighting style Short range
Abilities Photographic memory
hologram Uder
removable head
laser beam
Weaknesses Frail deference
low destruction power
fake Uber charge
Status Active
Occupation Wandering Camera

Camera Spy is concept by McBuster

His theme is Mutie-Snippets - Banjo-Kazooie


Camera Spy appears as a BLU Spy with a camera as his head

Personality and Behavior

Camera Spy is usually bored when looking for something that already happened and always searching for were the nearest freaks are to learn there mores.

He's always relaxed when talking to freaks even the most dangerous freaks and relaxed when he knows that he knows there moves to pin point there weakness.

Powers and Abilities

Camera Spy has photographic memory so he knows everyone moves so he can counter attack them before they could act.

If he runs into deep trouble he'll use a holographic Uder charge to scare away anyone that trys to attack him

Camera Spy can remove his head and can even survive decapitation

if all else fails he'll use a secret laser beam hidden inside his camera for self-deference reasons he'll shoot a laser that cause a explosion and a blinding light and for combat reasons he'll mimic the powers of any freak expect self uder, magic and demonic powers.

He's a very smart Spy with all the knowledge he knows about the past and learning about all the TF2 Freaks and even made a machine to mimic their powers

Faults and Weakness

Camera Spy is strong and durable as any normal BLU Spy would be and he is very frail when defending himself in a fight

His laser beam powers may seem really powerful but their not strong enough to take on much powerful freaks

And his uder charge is not really there it's just to trick people into thinking he's powerful as other monsters with the same power.

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