Calcium Burner
Creator McBuster
Creation 01/19/2017
Debut GMOD Calcium Burner
Type undead Robot
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Short-Tempered
Fighting style Close to Mid-range
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Mounted Blutsaguer
Super human endurance
Weaknesses EMP
Slow movement
Limited combat options
Status Active
Occupation Wandering Robot

Calcuim Burner is a robotic undead BLU Pyro TF2 Freak concept by McBuster.

His theme is Spyro - Metalhead


Calcium Burner is a undead BLU Pyro wearing a Moonman Backpack, Professor’s Pineapple And Spiral Sallet with a Blutsauger attached to his right hand

Personality and Behaviour

Calcium Burner may have a short temper and usually almost ready to start a fight due to his Engineer creator‘s death but will cooperate with others if he has too.

But due to his grief of his creator’s death he’ll go on a killing rampage due to his temper getting the better of him wanting to revenge him, this makes it harder for others to trust him due to his killing habits

Power and Abilities

  • Calcium Burner has enhanced strength from being part robot he can pick up things like Boulders, heavy boxes and sometimes cars and could throw them if he wants to his strength also makes him lethal if he manages to punch someone
  • Mounted weaponry: His mounted Blutsauger was modified to shoot incendiary bullets and can switch back to normal ammunition in this case bullets instead of needles, & he does have a one time use mini missile capable causing destroying a room full of enemies
  • Calcium Burner‘s pain endurance, robotic shell and Armor it seems he has super human endurance taking more damage to keep on fighting with his enemies & when he punches it’s capable of taking a heavy’s head clean off.

Faults and Weakness

  • Calcium Burner’s robotic body is weak to EMP and sappers making him weaker and almost knock him out until he recharges to regain power to his weapons
  • he may have lots of protection but it makes him slower then normal usually making him relay on his weaponry or others to help him but even his weaponry fires slowly making it that smart and agile opponents even harder to beat
  • Callium Burner doesn’t have many options to fight strong or smart freaks with and he barely fights in hand to hand combat and if it does happen he’s usually slow at it delivering the devastating punches
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