Burger Maggot
Burger Maggot
Creator Thirsty Bob32
Creation March 13, 2017
Debut In the making
Type Rotting Demon
Alignment Natural Evil
Attitude Bloodthirsty, Combative
Blindly loyal
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Demonic powers
Weaknesses Holy powers
Large Target
Status At Large
Occupation Servant
Demon Lord
Enemies Demon Slayer

Burger Maggot is a TF2 Freak made by Starter Gmoder Thirsty Bod32

Burger Maggot's theme is Silent Hill OST - My Heaven

Appearance and Personality

He appears as a undead RED Soldier wearing Hellmet, Brimstone and Teufort Tooth Kicker.

He's best described as a loyal servant and Guard but when not being that he'll go out to the freak world to murder random mercenaries and low-rank freaks

Powers and Abilities

  • He is a Powerful Demon capable of possessing humans and props
  • when he does meet his fate he revives in Helltower later
  • In the video(yet to be made) he survived being crush by a bomb cart that exploded and punching the Heavy that did it against a wall
  • His breath can rot normal people and low-rank freak's skin off with in 8 seconds. also wields a big Sledgehammer to crush his foe's head

Faults and Weakness

  • Despite being powerful at close combat he lack at long range
  • his toxic breath can't harm well protected humans or Pyro due to their gasmasks
  • His body is a large target to hit due to him being giant
  • Like all demonic beings he's weak against holy items and attacks that weakens him greatly
  • He becomes reckless when meeting a fast and agile targets because he's a slow demon even for a freak


Burger Maggot's look and personality was inspired by Nurgle from Warhammer 40k

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